Branded Flower Wall Inspiration to Help Elevate an Upcoming Event

Branded Flower Wall Inspiration to Help Elevate an Upcoming Event

Every event should feature a one of a kind statement that makes guests excited to attend and leaves them with lasting memories. This is especially important while hosting a product launch, where each area of a venue must be carefully curated to highlight a new product and a brand itself.

A branded flower wall is a customized element which utilizes a variety of unique components that speak to the promoted product. Through the use of logos, hashtags and branded color schemes, you can use a branded flower wall to spread brand awareness in an interactive and organic way.

If you’re looking for branded flower wall inspiration, continue below for examples of different styles, techniques and themes!

Play With Bold Colors


Grab attendees' attention with a colorful branded wall filled with bold hues. Seamlessly integrate an event's or a brand's color scheme into a wall by choosing florals in similar or complementary colors. A free flowing pattern comprised of varying hues will create a visual impact that's sure to draw guests over to snap a photo.


Add a little 🍋🍊🍓


Incorporate fruits into a wall as playful accents! Fruits are both unique and unexpected additions to a customized creation. Certain products such as flavored liquors may contain fruit, which creates the perfect opportunity to feature the fruits found in the spirit into the wall to create a cohesive environment.


Escape to the Tropics


Transport guests to a tropical destination by incorporating elements such as a mix of tropical leaves and florals into a branded wall. Whether at a product launch or at a private event, a tropical themed wall is a crowd favorite that always makes a statement. If you’re looking for a way to elevate palm leaves, spray paint them in bold hues to align with an event’s color scheme.

A Few Pops of Florals


For some brands, simple is better when it comes to a photo moment. Instead of covering a wall completely in flowers, strategically placed blooms can still make an impact. A delicate outline of a logo or a cluster of floral shapes are examples of smaller ways to utilize flowers.

Going Green


Looking to create a natural environment at a themed event? Greenery and moss covered walls not only align with the theme of an event but create a relaxed ambiance. Leaves, branches and moss can be utilized in this branded creation. Affix a logo in a contrasting color to allow your branding to pop against the monochromatic green backdrop.

Separate your event from the rest by featuring a jaw-dropping branded flower wall. Grab inspiration from the above creations and get to work envisioning the perfect flower wall for your brand and your event! Contact the design team at B Floral to bring your ideas to life today.