B Floral's Guide to Flower Wall Design

B Floral's Guide to Flower Wall Design

Floral Curtain Wall

Every event must feature a one of a kind statement that excites guests and leaves them with lasting memories. Although there are a variety of event elements that can be featured in a venue, the flower wall is a classic yet impactful moment that draws in attendees.

After producing hundreds of flower walls for a variety of clients over the years, the design team at B Floral has put together a guide on our signature product: the flower wall. We discuss not only different flower wall design styles, but the process behind the creation of flower walls for events. Read on for the rundown of all things flower walls!

Why Incorporate a Flower Wall?

Bright, colorful and eye-catching; a flower wall installation is the ideal addition to any event, regardless of theme or occasion. A flower wall becomes a photo opportunity that guests can’t resist taking photos in front of. A well designed wall can become the focal point of a venue! Branding can also easily and seamlessly be incorporated into a wall by affixing logos and hashtags for all guests to see throughout the event.

Fiandre Flower Wall

Types of Events to Feature Flower Walls

A few of the top gatherings to feature flower walls:

  • Product Launches

  • Press Events

  • Festival Activations

  • Film Screenings

  • Weddings/Private Parties

Branded Flower Walls

Flower Wall Design Conceptualization

Tinder Heart Flower Wall

While brainstorming any flower wall design, it’s crucial to keep in mind the purpose of your event and its target audience. If you’re planning a product launch, a wall comprised of colors found in the product/its packaging alongside the brand’s logo should be considered to make a strong brand impression. It’s also important to research and source the highest quality of materials to ensure all flower wall backdrops will not only make a statement, but last throughout the event.

What are Popular Types of Flowers & Greenery to Use in Your Design?

  • Flowers

    • Roses - not only do they come in an abundance of colors and are readily available, roses are a sturdy variety that can be placed in water picks and inserted into a wall.

    • Cymbidium Orchids - a delicate flower that makes a strong impact, these orchids have unique patterns across their petals and can also be utilized in a flower wall using water picks.

  • Greenery

    • Italian Ruscus - this greenery variety is available year round and is long-lasting; perfect to use as a base for any flower wall.

    • Plumosa Fern - this foliage variety has a light and airy appearance that’s ideal to use as a wall filler.

Real vs Faux Flowers

An important aspect of creating a flower wall is the decision to use real versus fake flowers. As you start conceptualizing the design for a flower wall, you must consider multiple factors to ensure it looks its best throughout an event.

The most crucial factors behind the choice of using fresh flowers for events versus faux flowers for events are an event’s timing and its environment/venue. If a flower wall will be up for longer than one day, silk flowers are the way to go because fresh blooms will quickly perish and not last. An event lasting a few hours allows the opportunity to use fresh flowers in a wall because they will still look healthy throughout. When it comes to environment, if an event is to be held outdoors in high temperatures, fresh flowers will eventually wilt and potentially die during the event. Faux flowers are certainly the way to go in this scenario to make sure your wall will continuously impress guests.

Incorporating Non-Floral Elements

Citi Record Wall

If you’re looking to elevate your floral backdrop, incorporate non-floral elements into the wall for contrast and texture. An example of adding non-floral elements is incorporating tubes of lipstick into a flower wall for a beauty launch. As long as the elements tie-in with the theme and purpose of your event, they will further entice guests to take photos during the event. The possibilities are endless while brainstorming non-floral additions!


Types of Designs


Tropical Walls

Almay Flower Wall

Transport guests to a tropical destination by featuring a tropical flower wall at an upcoming corporate or social event. You can create a lush tropical flower wall by incorporating elements such as a mix of tropical leaves and florals into a wall structure. A backdrop base of assorted tropical leaves such as palm and monstera can be accented with tropical blooms such as anthurium, heliconia and Mokara orchids. Whether at a product launch or at a private event, a tropical themed wall is a crowd favorite that always makes a statement. If you’re looking for a way to elevate a variety of leaves, spray paint them in bold hues to align with an event’s color scheme.


Greenery Walls

Ketel One Vodka Living Wall

Looking to create a natural environment at a themed event? Greenery and moss covered walls not only align with the theme of an event, but create a relaxed ambiance. Leaves, greenery, branches and moss can be utilized in this type of design. Affix a logo in a contrasting color to allow branding to pop against the monochromatic green backdrop. One current trend seen across recent events is the live flower wall or living flower wall. These walls are panels of plants grown using a hydroponics system that can be either free-standing or affixed to walls. Live walls such as these can last longer than the traditional wall because it is self-sustaining.


Fruits and Vegetables Walls

Ketel One Botanical Fruit Flower Wall

Incorporate fruits and vegetables into a wall as playful accents! Produce is a unique and unexpected addition to a customized creation. Certain products such as flavored liquors contain fruit, which creates the perfect opportunity to feature the fruits found in the spirit into the wall to create a cohesive environment. Fruits and vegetables are perfect elements to include in a wall because there’s such a wide variety to choose from. Not only do they come in a range of colors, but they bring unique texture into a wall.

Change for Kids Vegetable Wall

Hints of Florals

TODAY Show Star Flower Wall

For certain events, simple is better when it comes to a photo moment. Instead of covering a wall completely in flowers, strategically placed blooms can still make an impact. A delicate outline of a logo or a cluster of floral shapes are examples of smaller ways to utilize flowers. This flower wall design style focuses on how to highlight a wall in a more clean and simple way. If your event’s aesthetic is minimalist, this is the perfect choice for flower wall décor.


Neon Sign Flower Walls

Aerie Neon Wall

There’s something about neon. Whether neon signs evoke a feeling of nostalgia or the bright, bold colors catch your attention, they’re the perfect addition to a photo moment. Since there are a wide array of colors and fonts to choose from, a brand can create a sign that matches its aesthetic and fits an event’s theme. Whether you decide to use a slogan, hashtag or quote, adding an eye-catching branding element will seamlessly slip in your brand into every image posted to social media.

Create Memories with A Flower Wall from B Floral

Separate your event from the rest by featuring a jaw-dropping one of a kind flower wall. Look to this guide for inspiration as you start envisioning the perfect flower wall for your next event!

When it comes to out-of-the-box flower wall design, we here at B Floral have the expertise to transform and elevate any creation. From first sketch to final look, our team will work with you on every step of the process to create stunning floral backdrops that will sweep guests off their feet. Contact us today to learn how B Floral can help bring your floral wall vision to life.