Classic Cocktails as B Floral Flower Palettes
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Classic Cocktails as B Floral Flower Palettes

B Floral has an extensive clientele and our team works with a wide variety of brands and companies. Some of our most impressive work has stemmed from our collaboration with spirit and liquor brands. We’ve worked with multiple kinds of alcohol brands on various levels. From product launches and release parties to influencer events and venue transformations, we’ve done it all. In the summertime spirit, we decided to pay tribute to all of our fabulous boozy clients by taking flower palettes to the next level...matching them to some of our favorite summer cocktails! We’ve pulled all different kinds of elements, florals, and designs from our previous events and installations to bring your favorite cocktails to life via Mother Nature. Whether it’s floral or non-floral, these classic cocktails are all wondrously animated with plenty of B Floral creations. Read on to see if your favorite refreshment made it on the list!

Gin and Tonic

It has a unique flavor that you can’t really find in any other drink. The gin and tonic is super easy to make and the two ingredients balance each other out very well. Find them below:

  1. Gin

  2. Tonic water

  3. Lime or lemon

For a gin and tonic, we choose to use a floral accessory of ours. This floral ring is comprised of silver painted succulents and bunny tail grass, adorned with white ranunculus buds. It perfectly matches the color scheme of the drink and represents each ingredient well. To enhance the presence of lime, we also used light green hydrangea to add depth to the palette. 

Bloody Mary

Another brunch favorite is definitely the Bloody Mary. It’s often found at brunch spots, but is also favored by airline passengers looking for a refreshing drink. It’s more than just a drink; it’s an experience, and often the perfect complement to a meal. They can be decked out in all kinds of ways, but the main ingredients are as follows:

  1. Tomato juice

  2. Vodka

  3. Lemon juice

  4. Celery and/or olives

  5. Hot sauce

To be as flavorful and powerful as this drink, we chose red and orange roses to match the tomato juice that is the essential ingredient of this masterpiece. To match the hearty olives and light celery, we chose tropical greenery and light green paper leaves. Working together, these elements represented this 100 year old drink like no other way before.


Perfect for any occasion, a margarita is a cocktail that never goes out of style. It’s a popular drink that many enjoy, thanks to its ability to adhere to four of the five different tastes on a human taste bud. Although it can be made deceptively simple or ridiculously complex, a margarita generally consists of these ingredients:

  1. Tequila

  2. Cointreau

  3. Lime juice

  4. Salt

We decided on light green hydrangea and light green paper leaves to properly represent the margarita and the lime that accompanies it. You can’t forget about the salt on the rim! White peonies and roses stand to remind you of your favorite rim accompaniment for this drink.


A mojito is a refreshing drink that’s always a crowd favorite! It centers around mint and is tasty at any time of year. It is tart, yet minty, with a little lime tang to tie it all together. These are dangerously refreshing and made with the following ingredients: 

  1. Mint leaves

  2. White rum

  3. Lime juice

  4. Simple syrup

This concoction was especially fun to replicate. To match the light green hue of the drink, we chose tropical greenery that is placed behind a yellow acrylic placard. The combination perfectly matched the minty green color of the drink. To match the actual mint, we decided on more tropical greenery, thriving in the sun.

Moscow Mule

Always served in a copper mug, a Moscow mule has an excellent flavor profile made with simple ingredients that all work together to make magic happen. Although the mug helps to keep the drink cool and to enhance the taste, the ingredients speak for themselves:

  1. Vodka

  2. Ginger beer

  3. Lime juice

For the Moscow mule, we decided to combine floral and non-floral elements together. For the classic copper mug, we used a rose gold mylar backdrop from a branded wall to match the iconic color of the mug. For the icy drink itself, we used iridescent cellophane to emulate the legendary cocktail. For the lime garnish and zest, we used two miniature succulents from a pair of our floral earrings to bring the whole drink together!

Old Fashioned

It’s often called the grandfather of classic cocktails. It’s straight to business with no messing around. An old fashioned cocktail is usually composed of the following ingredients:

  1. Bourbon or Whiskey

  2. Bitters

  3. Sugar

  4. Orange garnish

To bring these ingredients together and lift this “grandpa” cocktail to life, we chose to emulate it with many different elements. A golden balloon installation is used to represent the drink itself. Orange mokaras embody the drink and its orange garnish. Lastly, brown pampas grass brings it altogether acting as the cinnamon stick that gives an extra spice. 


Although there can be many different spins and variations on a cosmopolitan, it’s a classic drink that you can’t go wrong with. You get a mix of sweet and tartness mixed together without any one flavor being too overwhelming. Most cosmopolitans are comprised of the following ingredients:

  1. Citrus vodka

  2. Cointreau

  3. Lime juice

  4. Cranberry juice

To match the perfectly pink femininity of this cosmopolitan, we chose deep pink coral charm peonies to match the bold hue of the drink. We also incorporated orange mokaras to accentuate the orange garnish of the drink that is a necessity. We love this pretty in pink masterpiece!


With a negroni, you either love it or hate it. It’s a drink comprised of only alcohol, so it’s not for the weak-hearted. It has a bittersweet taste and is often compared to having a similar taste to grapefruit juice. It consists of the following ingredients:

  1. Gin

  2. Campari

  3. Vermouth

We had to choose flowers that were bold to match this vivacious of a cocktail. We pulled red and orange roses to match its fiery disposition. It’s a strong-willed drink with strong, lasting flowers to match it.

Whiskey Sour

Although its flavor complexities aren’t as intense as some of the other cocktails here, the whiskey sour is a simple drink with a delicious flavor balance. If all the ingredients are combined correctly, they make an enjoyable drink that isn’t too sour or too sweet, but just right. Check out the ingredients below:

  1. Whiskey

  2. Lemon juice

  3. Sugar

We combined floral and non-floral elements, yet again, to bring this drink to life. Golden balloons from an arch installation match the smoothness of the main part of the beverage. To represent the foam on top, we incorporated white tulips. Orange roses completed the picture by representing the orange garnish that finishes the balance on this delectable cocktail.


Tasty, crisp, bubbly, and sweet; we’re talking about mimosas! Often used as a celebratory drink while brunching or just having some mid-morning fun, a mimosa is a cocktail staple that is very easy to make and delicious to drink, whether it’s bottomless or not. It is made with the following, very simple, ingredients:

  1. Champagne

  2. Orange juice

Mimosas are fun and lively and so are the flowers that we picked to represent them. Yellow Icelandic poppies and Oncidium orchids brought this OJ and champagne combo to life! We kept the party going by adding orange crush roses, orange ranunculus, yellow cymbidiums, peach Hypericum berries, and crispedia to emulate the orange garnish on the side of the glass. These are delicious little drinks and we’re always looking for an excuse to have one!


Whether it’s made with gin or vodka, shaken or stirred, dry or wet, a martini is a beverage that can be found at almost any bar. It has a distinct taste, and there are many different ways that you can customize it. The basic ingredients can be found below:

  1. Gin or Vodka

  2. Vermouth

  3. Olives

A martini is an elegant, sophisticated drink, so the elements we chose had to be, as well. To match the silky smooth, almost clear cocktail, we chose white flocked branches that are as chilling as the drink. Olives can be hard to match, but we decided on this green wimbledon rose that accurately represented the color and feel of the garnish.


The Manhattan isn’t just one of our favorites because it’s named after our favorite city. A Manhattan is a yummy concoction that can add an air of sophistication to any meal or party. It’s a strong drink with some bitterness that is only mildly sweetened. It’s ingredients are below:

  1. Whiskey

  2. Vermouth

  3. Bitters

We used deep red monster roses and burgundy peonies to match the hearty soul of the drink. Red anthurium is the only flower able to match the hearty red of the cherries that garnish this tasty cocktail. It’s a drink as bold as the city that it’s named after.

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