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Floral Arrangements

childDarren Hundt
Floral Arrangements

Custom Floral Arrangements

B Floral helps to create your brand vision through each bloom. We believe the florals of an event are an extension of your brand and personality so we take the time to get to know you and your brand as we create the perfect customized arrangements for your event. All of our floral arrangements are custom made with fresh flowers, so every arrangement is unique and distinctive. 

Create a warming environment to a space with our custom flower arrangements for your next event. Ambiance is key, and what a better way to pull a space together than by adding sophisticated centerpieces and table/bar arrangements.

Flower Arrangements for Corporate Events

Our goal is to help elevate your next event by incorporating fresh flower arrangements as event décor. Floral centerpieces for corporate events will create an inviting environment for your guests.


At any event or gathering, a tablescape is the focal point of the space - an area where long-lasting memories are created. A tablescape is a stylized design element, meant to serve a purpose and to add to the overall cohesiveness of an event’s design.

Use this component to your advantage and give attendees something to talk about! Allow your tablescape to create “instagrammable” moments and unforgettable memories. There are countless options when working on the design of a tablescape:


●      Utilize contrasting colors

●      Keep things simple for business

●      Go bold with a monochromatic scheme

●      Embrace tablescape canopies

●      Don’t be afraid of bold patterns

●      Take advantage of colorful glassware

●      Incorporate hanging installations

●      Keep things natural

B Floral Designs Flower Arrangements Custom for Your Event

Our designers will work around your specific design preferences to create the perfect custom arrangements for your event. Contact the floral professionals at B Floral to make a bold statement at your next event!

"The B Floral flower arrangements were instrumental in elevating our event - adding a level of sophistication and refinement that created an ambience of success. The quality of the arrangements was a marked difference from the typical centerpieces for a fundraising benefit. Bronwen and the B Floral team were a joy to work with throughout the process."

Colin Smith, Change for Kids

“Thank you for making such great arrangements for both of our events – they really pulled everything together and brought it up to that next level. Hope to work with you again soon!” 

  Sarah Delaney, CNBC