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Corporate Events

childDarren Hundt
Corporate Events

Corporate Event Services

Corporate event planning and design services from B Floral can allow you to enjoy peace of mind and confidence as you head into your next big event. Whether you’re writing a speech for the event or just busy running a business, do you really have time to plan an event, take care of logistics, double-check everything and take care of every tiny detail?

Your time is precious, and your creativity is needed in your organization. That’s why you want to leave corporate event design and planning to B Floral. Our team has experience in event planning, marketing, branding and business, so we speak all the languages of every corporate event.

We not only ensure a hitch-free event that is stress-free on you, but we make sure your event is branded and helps you share your message. Our team takes care of everything, from the initial concept to the set up.

Corporate Event Planning

Working with a corporate planner allows you to put together a wonderful event for all your guests, so all attendees feel honored. As one of the top event management companies, B Floral can determine the stated and unwritten needs of your event to make it the best it can be, whether you’re looking for something traditional or for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Our full-service event planning, design and production handles the details so you don’t have to.

B Floral can take care of:

1. Corporate Dinners

Corporate meals can be stylish and formal, but they can also be anything you dream up. They can be exciting and Insta-worthy, or they can be multi-sensory experiences and more. Whatever you decide, B Floral can bring floral displays, balloon arrangements and other elements to allow guests to enjoy lovely photos and new experiences.

We can also help plan everything from seating to décor to branding and menu. Dining means opportunities for exciting new sensory experiences, and we can ensure your guests feel the excitement of your event and are eager to share it with their friends.

2. Holiday Party Design and Production

Holiday parties tend to carry a stigma of being dreary work events, but at B Floral, we know these celebrations can be something very different. They can be a way to celebrate your team as well as a way to reflect your high standards and your exciting brand.

Holiday parties don’t have to be in your office and just include some dips and drinks. They can include stunning floral displays, areas for photo-taking, fun events and more. Make your next party a celebration of who you really are as an organization and inspire your team to new heights by showing them what your company stands for. Create an event that generates buzz and lets you come together.

In fact, B Floral can take care of any event or corporate event management needs your organization may have. Whether it’s a launch, conference, workshop or any other corporate event, B Floral brings the experience in marketing, event planning and business to the table. We don’t just plan events. We plan immersive and enriching brand-building experiences. We take your next corporate event to new heights.

B Floral Event Consulting

At B Floral, we have the years of experience as well as the marketing and event planning background to understand a business event is not like a wedding or personal event. Any corporate event is an opportunity to connect with your target audience and to build on your brand story. B Floral ensures every part of your event reflects your brand and shares your message.

A big event for your company is about more than just the aesthetics and food. It is about combining any number of elements in the right way to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience no one will forget. When you want your guests talking about your corporate event for years to come, contact us today to make your brand come to life.

B Floral is beyond a doubt our number one go-to for stellar floral design! Every arrangement is a work of art and we couldn’t ask for a more accommodating team to work with pre-event and on-site. Thank you, B Floral!

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