Create a Balloon Installation for Your Next Event
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Create a Balloon Installation for Your Next Event

Over the past year, balloon installations have become extremely popular event décor elements, and their popularity is definitely not slowing down! Arches, freestanding structures and life-sized creations using balloons are often used at a variety of events ranging from product launches to weddings and more. We’ve worked with beauty brands, liquor brands, ice cream brands, children’s’ clothing brands and more, in New York City and beyond, to create installations for them that would sweep guests off their feet! With balloons, it’s very easy to play around with a variety of style elements, making balloon installations easily customizable. Each installation can be altered to fit the theme and scale of any event. These unique design elements ultimately make a huge statement and are perfect as photo moments. Read on to find out all of the ins and outs of balloon installations. 

How to Make a Balloon Installation

Since it is easy to customize balloon installation style elements, it’s important to make sure that all of your choices with these designs are intentional and serve a purpose. No matter what kind of design you’re utilizing at your event, you have the freedom to dictate the shape, color, and the size of the whole piece. To make a balloon wall that is both impactful and purposeful, you must be strategic with your balloon design and display. You may want your balloon display to be somewhat spread out and serve as a larger statement piece. On the other hand, you might want a more subtle design that acts solely as a photo background. No matter what the style of your event is, use it to your advantage.

Color Scheme

When choosing a color scheme for a balloon installation, ensure that it will be cohesive with the rest of your event décor. If your event doesn’t have a specific color scheme, have your installation reflect your company and logo colors. Your balloons could even have the color scheme of the product that you may be launching. Regardless if there’s a planned color scheme or not, keep your balloon colors in control and complementary. You want the design to grab attention so that guests will be drawn to it, and eventually utilize it as a photo moment.  


No matter what kind of event you may be hosting, the number one goal of any corporate or social event is to get your brand’s name out there. Branding is an essential element to event décor that should be utilized whenever it can be. If you incorporate branding into your next balloon installation, when guests take a picture with it, they are no longer your only audience members. Your audience increases by tenfold to everyone in their network, as well, further spreading your brand and your message. Adding a logo to the wall or the arch of a balloon installation is a great way to enhance any balloon element. 


When choosing a shape for your balloon installation, focus on what’s going to work best with your event venue and flow. If you’re working at a small booth at a trade show, a huge balloon wall may not be the best choice. However, a complete wraparound balloon garland could draw guests to your booth, and not be in the way once they get there. If you have a large venue space, a larger installation, such as a balloon wall or balloon installation arching over a couch could be a good choice to utilize space with décor in an effective way. 

Balloon Arches

A balloon arch design is a definite way to impress guests and to encourage them to take pictures at your event. Balloon arches are very popular with all kinds of brands. They’re large statement pieces that easily catch the eyes of attendees, as well as passers-by. There’s a large variety of balloon arch designs that can be utilized, as well. For something more intimate, you could choose to embrace a more compact and tight-fitting balloon arch. On the other hand, a grand and overstated balloon arch would be perfect for a culture festival or a product launch. No matter what type of balloon arch design you may choose, just make sure that it’s in an accessible part of your event space, so that guests can use it to its full potential. 

Seated Balloon Photo Moments

Although balloon arches and balloon walls make great photo moments for attendees of any event, some of our favorite balloon photo moments are seated ones. Design your balloon installation where it wraps over the top of a seat so that your guests can sit down and strike a pose. Give them some props to play with such as branded pillows or loose balloons to make their photos more animated. Your seat can be a couch, an egg swing, a barrel, or anything else that ties in with your event theme. Use a seated balloon photo moment to enhance the cohesiveness of your event all while maximizing on “Instagrammability” of the entire occasion. 

Using Florals and Other Elements with Balloons

Don’t be afraid to go outside of the box with your balloon installation. You can add other elements to your balloons that will bring your design to life even more. Utilize greenery and fresh floral design to give your balloons new energy. Include non-floral elements, as well, such as foil and fabrics to intrigue guests and keep them snapping pics. Adding other elements creates depth and dimension and invites guests closer to your installation to check out the details. Focusing on those details will impress guests even more and show that your brand is always going above and beyond. 

Contact B Floral for your Next Balloon Installation

If you’re looking for a balloon photo moment, an elaborate balloon archway for guests to walk through, or an interactive swing adorned by balloons, B Floral can do it all. Contact us today to start planning a balloon installation for your next event. No design is too big or grand. Let’s get in touch and get it poppin’ right away!