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Conferences and Tradeshows

childDarren Hundt
Conferences and Tradeshows

Corporate Conferences & Trade Shows

Corporate conferences and trade shows are an opportunity to create “Insta-worthy” experiences for your target audience and a way to get your message in front of new leads. Whether you are organizing your own conference or packing for a trade show, B Floral can help you design, dream up and install the right trade show booths or displays for the conference that will help you create buzz. Best of all, our full-service event planning, design and production frees up your time and creativity to focus on your message and networking.

Planning and Producing a Successful Conference

Corporate conference planning is about more than setting up a podium and assigning some speakers. Today, most professionals attend many conferences, and if you want them to both talk about yours and show up next year, you need to stand out from the crowd.

Don’t overlook the opportunity for conference branding as well. Your conference may be a teaching or enriching event. It may help you network. However, if you are hosting, it should also be an opportunity to get new leads and business. With careful branding, you can ensure your conference leads to more sales and orders, as well as improved brand recognition, too.

B Floral can help with branded displays and conference design that will ensure every panelist, guest, workshop and event at your conference speaks in one voice, is exciting and gets your message across.

Custom Trade Show Displays

Trade shows mean time spent on travel, setup and networking. If your team is spending time away from regular duties, you want their efforts to count.

Custom trade show display design from B Floral allows you to create unique and eye-catching displays at your next trade show. Attract more passersby, initiate more conversations and get people excited about your brand. Leave tired cookie-cutter cardboard displays behind and allow B Floral to create a display that showcases your brand.

We can handle all the details, from concept and design to installation. All you need to do is bring your brilliance to the trade show and get ready to turn heads with your display.

Trade Show Booth Design

At a trade show, your booth is your storefront, and you are in competition with every other attendee there. Before you lose your audience’s attention to someone else, work with B Floral to create a trade show experience that’s exciting for your audience, communicates your message and gets people excited.

Our team has corporate and design experience, so we have the creative ideas of artists combined with the firm business foundation needed to turn your trade show booth into a branded attention-getter. Unlike many trade show booth design companies, we handle it all — from finding the items you need for your booth and developing the entire concept to installing the design at the show. We set you up to succeed.

New Product Displays and Conference Planning From Professionals

When you want professionals to create trade show product displays, conferences and other branded events in your voice, trust the experienced team at B Floral. Contact us to start creating a winning strategy for your next event.