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childDarren Hundt

Floral Installations

B Floral champions brands with customized installations. From hanging floral installations to branded floral walls, we know how to ‘wow’ an audience. Our floral installations have captured audiences and clients alike, as each installation is customized to encompass your brand and your mission. As floral artistry experts, we believe in infusing an event space with blooms that speak volumes about your event and your brand.

Branded Flower Wall Installation

Take your event to the next level by capturing the attention of your guests with a branded flower wall installation. Branded floral walls are perfect for product and model launches, film screenings, red carpet or corporate events.

Flower walls and photo moments have become an important event marketing tool. These photo moments leave a lasting impression on your guests, and help to keep brand buzz alive well past your event date.

Branded floral walls not only serve as an upgraded “step and repeat”, but can also be designed to act as an over-the-top product display. Engage with your attendees by providing a photo op moment they cannot resist! From three sided floral walls to custom floral backdrops, our installations are bound to make a strong impression.


Enhance plain space at your next event through the use of a grand flower arch. Flower arch installations can elevate any event. We build flower arches to represent brands in a unique way that is different from what guests are used to seeing at corporate and private events.

They can range from being fully covered with branches and florals, to being more simplistic in fashion where negative space is used intentionally. Whether you’re going for a sleek and modern arch as a photo moment or a full and lush arch as an entranceway, B Floral can create a flower arch that takes your event to the next level and provides a conversation piece for guests. Allow your guests to use the arch as a photo moment to ensure maximum audience reach.

More Installation Ideas from B Floral

Our floral design capabilities include designing with both fresh and silk flowers. Create an immersive event with a hanging flower garland installation or impress guests with life size floral products. Hanging floral garland will create an immersive atmosphere throughout your event while life size installations provide show-stopping moments.

B Floral will help you transform a blank venue into a completely immersive event space for your guests. Take your event to the next level and really impress your guests with unique installations for your next event. Contact the floral installation design professionals at B Floral today.

B Floral is East Of Ellie’s go to vendor for all florals and fabrication. The B Floral team never ceases to amaze us with their beautiful creations, bringing our vision to life every time!”

-East of Ellie