Out-of-the-Box Installations to Include at Your Next Event
Bridget MurrayComment

Out-of-the-Box Installations to Include at Your Next Event

Looking to impress guests at your next event? Create an environment filled with unexpected production elements. Unique event installations will not only keep attendees talking about your event for days to come, but they’re sure to post countless images on social media. While planning an upcoming event, don’t settle for traditional installations that have been featured at thousands of past events. Instead, create a one of a kind installation which will elevate your event and venue. Continue on to learn about 3 of our favorite out-of-the-box installations!


Flower Bombs

Flower Bomb Cab- B Floral

Make an everyday item extraordinary. A flower bomb installation instantly elevates a basic object and wows guests. For those not familiar, a flower bomb is an installation where blooms are overflowing out of an object. Vehicles are commonly used in flower bomb installations, but smaller items such as travel trunks or mailboxes are popular as well.

The key to achieving a memorable flower bomb installation is to make sure all flowers are unstructured and free flowing. To make the maximum impact, choose bold colored blooms and style them throughout to make it appear as the flowers have been growing from the the object for years. A flower bomb is the ultimate photo moment and will become THE focal point of a venue!

Front of Flower Bomb Cab- B Floral

Modern Floral Arch

Floral Arch- B Floral

A new take on a floral arch. Add an understated arch to your venue to enhance a plain space. In the past, you may have seen many arches created using branches, covered completely with flowers. For an updated take on the traditional flower arch, create a sleek, modern structure that can be placed in the entryway of your venue or as a photo moment. Instead of covering the arch entirely with flowers, place a few highly stylized blooms in clusters throughout. This minimalist design is perfect if you’re looking to create a modern aesthetic while also featuring a jaw-dropping installation.


Fresh Produce Accents

CFK Vegetable Wall- B Floral

Tasty yet visually appealing accents are the way to go if you’re looking to make a statement with an event installation. Vegetables are the perfect non-floral elements to include in an installation because there’s such a wide variety to choose from. Veggies such as cabbage, carrots, eggplants and lettuce are great option to include in an installation because of their unique texture and range of colors.

A step and repeat incorporating fresh vegetables is not only eye-catching, but turns a basic background into an Insta-worthy photo moment. Photo booth backdrops and hanging installations are also ideal installations to include vegetables.


Ditch basic event installations for out-of-the-box, showstopping creations. Whether you choose to go all out and flower bomb a taxi or take a floral arch to the next level, unique installations will elevate your venue and enhance the ambiance of your event. And… don’t forget to eat, I mean add, your veggies!