B Floral Branding: Event Installations

B Floral Branding: Event Installations

At B Floral, we believe that a focus on branding is a crucial component of any successful event. Whether it be a tablescape or installation, we highlight different aspects of a brand by focusing on logos, colors, and the overall aesthetic of the company.

Many clients come to B Floral to brand their events through installations. We’ve created a number of flower walls, hanging installations, and customer activations to express clients’ brand visions to their guests.

We worked with three clients in the tech, jewelry, and wellness industries to create one-of-a-kind installations at the collaborative and empowering 2017 Create and Cultivate Conference in New York City. Check out our designs and see how we executed branding in each installation!


Instagram: @createcultivate

Instagram: @createcultivate

We’ve become familiar with Tinder and their brand after previously working with them to create flower walls for both an indoor and outdoor venue.

As we were designing a new flower wall for the Create & Cultivate conference, we wanted to combine brand elements with the young, fresh aesthetic of the conference. Since Tinder’s flame logo and bright orange brand color are such integral parts of their identity, we knew we had to incorporate both into the flower wall.

We started off the wall with a moss covering and then added eye-catching circles of varying sizes filled with roses. We used both orange and fuchsia roses to highlight the signature brand color while also tying in a bold and feminine hue. The wall was 'topped off' with Tinder’s logo and iPads to create an interactive feature for attendees.


Saje Natural Wellness


Saje Natural Wellness has a distinct brand identity that embodies the natural ingredients in its products. We worked with the company to enhance their lounge space at the conference.

We decided to use varying types of leaves and greenery such as eucalyptus, fern, and banana leaves to embody the essence of the brand. We covered and draped different wooden structures and hanging elements with greenery to speak to the natural herbs, plants, and oils found in all of their products. The finishing touch was adding an assortment of glass jar bud vases throughout the space.


Gorjana Jewelry

Instagram: @gorjana

Instagram: @gorjana

Gorjana Jewelry is a brand that focuses on sleek, simple, and timeless pieces. For a unique floral touch to their installation at the Create & Cultivate conference, we added colorful accents to a branded wall.

We helped Gorjana find balance with branded floral wreaths representing the 7 chakras found within the body in varying colors. Each individual wreath had a monochromatic design -- using florals of both the same variety and the same color. The wreaths were stacked and aligned with the chakras location on an image of a meditating figure alongside their logo and hashtag.