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childDarren Hundt

Event Activations

All events must be interactive and immersive. At B Floral, our team understands that guests must interact with brands at an event to form a relationship. An event activation is the perfect way to achieve positive brand recognition and to spread brand awareness. On-site activations such as flower crown making and flower arrangement classes are intimate, interactive activities that will promote a brand in an organic way.

There are countless brand activation ideas to choose from, but at B Floral, we identify and execute the event activation that will work best for your brand. Our team will work diligently to create and to facilitate an activation that will make maximum impact. You can expect B Floral’s team of event designers to deliver the most creative activation ideas that will embody your brand identity and meet your marketing goals.

Brand Activations

A B Floral activation will make a brand stand out. We provide on-site activations in which clients and clients’ guests can participate and engage in a one of a kind experience. A wide range of types of events can feature branded event activations such as product launches, press previews and festivals. Our robust team handles every aspect of an activation, from design to management during the event.

Interactive Photo Moment

Guests won’t be able to resist posing with an interactive photo moment by B Floral. Whether you’re looking for a swing or the latest technology, our team will seamlessly integrate any interactive elements into an event activation to ensure your brand is being showcased. Photos taken at an interactive photo moment by B Floral will be shared and spread across all social platforms.

Branded Photo Booth

Your event will be beyond ’sharable’ with a branded photo booth activation by B Floral. Our team will expertly craft a photo booth backdrop using a number of elements such as flowers or non-floral elements. Logos and hashtags from the event can be placed within the photo booth so guests are exposed to your branding throughout the event.

Floral Activations

Elevate a floral activation with help from B Floral. Fresh blooms and greenery are excellent additions to an activation, regardless of which you choose. Popular activations focusing on flowers are flower arrangement classes, flower accessory making classes and floral crown making classes. Each floral activation will not only focus on the activity, but is the perfect opportunity to discuss a brand and purpose of an event.

Flower Arrangement Classes

Our expert designers will help guests create beautiful arrangements to take home and enjoy. They will show guests how to make an arrangement step by step. We can secure element such as branded vases, branded bags and signage throughout the activation to surround guests with tasteful branding. Guests will long remember your event and your brand after experiencing this activation.

Flower Accessory Making

Jewelry with a life of its own. At B Floral, we are known for our floral accessory line, which features fresh floral pieces such as rings, earrings, cuffs, headbands and bow ties. Our passion for floral accessories has evolved into a unique event activation for our clients. B Floral designers teach guests how to create one of a kind pieces that can be worn during and after the event. Flower crown making classes are yet another interactive activation using fresh blooms.

Ensure Your Activation is Done Right

B Floral knows how to highlight a brand. An event activation by our team will be executed to perfection, while also showcasing all a brand has to offer. We are in tune with the latest trends and understand which activations guests will find most exciting and unique. We take great pride in every detail of our work to ensure every client and guest walks away with a memorable experience. Contact B Floral today to activate your brand.