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Branded Events

childDarren Hundt
Branded Events

Branded Event Planning and Production

Your branded events weave a story and experience around your vision, and B Floral offers full-service event planning, design and production to make your event a success. We handle all stages of your branded event design, from concept and planning to installation.

Brand Activations and Corporate Event Branding

Experiential brand activations attract your core audience, reward your customers and inspire leads to give your company a call. Whether you are trying to appeal to a young audience with a sensory experience or a professional group with enriching choices, B Floral can make it happen.

Best of all, we have the corporate event branding expertise to make your brand activations matter. Your brand activations are not just about giving your audience an experience. You want a strong ROI with drive-to-store follow-through and after-event engagement. B Floral creates unforgettable brand activations that generate buzz for your business and allow your message to get through.

With corporate event branding, B Floral works with you to ensure a start-to-finish immersive and engaging experience for your audience. We make your event memorable for the right reasons. We determine what brand experience you want your guests to have, how you convey your message to attendees, what you teach your guests and what they can walk away with so they are encouraged to contact you — allowing you to build your brand. B Floral also ensures your corporate brand event includes photo opportunities and social media sharing opportunities, so your event has a broad reach virtually, too.

Product Launch Events

A product launch represents years of vision, work and often considerable investment. After all the effort you have exerted, product launch planning is crucial to give your product the best possible introduction to your target market.

After all, your product will never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

B Floral branded event planning helps to build an event experience for your market by combining your product, message and an event that will be enriching and exciting for all attendees. Our years of experience in design and planning allow us to handle all the details, from vision to final installation. We leave you free to focus on your product and on meeting your key customers.

Branded Events by B Floral

At B Floral, our experienced event staff offers full-service event design that takes you from initial consultation to event execution. We pay attention to even the smallest details, so every part of your event reflects your brand and voice. We handle event décor, management, activations, installations, strategy, design and production, rentals and even editor gifting. If it's appropriate for the event, we can even create shareable photo moments with effects such as balloons, flower walls and other items.

When you want a memorable event that speaks to your brand and reflects your voice in a way your customers won’t soon forget, contact B Floral to start planning your next event.