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Event Installations

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Event Installations

Event Installations

How will you set your event apart from the rest? Custom event installations are show-stopping elements that will elevate your event to the next level.

From stage backdrop designs and custom photo booths, to window displays and installation art, B Floral can execute event installations of any size. Our team customizes each installation to align with a client’s brand and the aesthetic of the event. An event installation produced by our staff will set an event apart from all others.

Event installations by B Floral will ensure your brand will shine at any type of event. Not only do event installations elevate a venue, but guests are drawn to these one-of-a-kind moments. Whether you create a branded flower wall or a lighting installation, a unique experiential event installation will be the focal point of an event.

Make Your Brand Stand Out with Event Installations

Blow away your competition and let your brand shine with a custom event installation. A focus on branding is essential in creating a one-of-a kind installation. Our team will utilize elements such as logos, brand colors and event hashtags to make your brand the focus of an event. Branded event installations highlight the best of what your brand is and what it offers to all attendees.

Custom Stage Backdrop Designs

If you’re hosting a conference or planning a lecture series, a custom stage backdrop will take a standard stage to the next level. Through the use of flowers, plants and non-floral elements, the B Floral team is ready to create customized backdrop designs to transform an event.

Photo Booth Rentals

A photo booth is an interactive element that is always a guest favorite. Our team has the ability to create stunning photo booth backdrops that will make a statement in every picture taken. We also supply state-of-the-art photo booths for events that will take the highest quality of photos.

Installation Art

An event art installation will transform any space. The B Floral team creates a wide range of art installs, regardless of size or style. If you’re looking for a hanging or a freestanding art installation, no idea is too small or too big. Whatever your vision, we will bring it to life.

Custom Window Displays

Looking to attract new customers? Pique the interest of potential customers by featuring custom window displays by B Floral. We incorporate branding, store aesthetic and floral and non-floral elements into each window display. Your brand is the focus of every display we complete.

Event Lighting Installations

Unique lighting can change any venue, regardless of size, color or shape. Event lighting installations are truly customizable elements that can remain constant or change throughout the course of an event. From concept to design, assembly and removal, and storage, our team is ready to assist a customer’s lighting needs.

Why B Floral is Your One-Stop-Shop for Event Installations

B Floral is your one-stop-shop for event installations because our team’s expertise and creativity are unmatched. We understand how much a client desires to make a statement, and our custom event installations are sure to exceed all expectations. Our team provides detailed renderings so each client knows exactly what the final product will look like. Contact B Floral today to learn how we can assist in making your event truly unforgettable.