Creating a Floral Arch for an Event
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Creating a Floral Arch for an Event

An impactful and versatile event feature, the floral arch can be incorporated into a wide array of events. Whether it’s used as a photo moment or as a way to beckon guests into a venue, a flower arch can reflect the style of any event ranging from product launches to wedding receptions. Floral arches can be personalized to fit the aesthetic of the event and the specifications of a venue.

Interested in incorporating a flower arch into an event? Read ahead for tips and inspiration on how to design an inviting and one of the kind floral arch!

Gray Floral Arch

Types of Greenery & Types of Flowers for a Floral Arch

While designing the perfect flower arch for your event, you can easily play around with thousands of different types of flowers and greenery, but there are a few varieties that our team enjoys working with the most. Flower choice will depend on a few components including the theme of the event, color scheme and season. Several flowers come in a select variety of colors or are only available during certain months of the year, so it’s important to research which flowers will help you achieve the desired look of your arch. A few general favorite options are:

  • Greenery

    • Italian Ruscus, lemon leaf, plumose, ivy, umbrella fern

  • Flowers

    • Orchids, roses, spray roses, dahlias, hydrangea

A faux flower arch is an option if you’re holding an event over an extended period of time. Most flowers and some varieties of greenery will begin to wilt or perish after a few hours, so it’s important to create an arch that will look its best throughout your event, no matter how long it lasts.


Flower Arch Designs

Branded Arch

Let your brand shine at an upcoming event by featuring a branded flower arch. There are different ways to incorporate a brand’s aesthetic into an arch, but what’s key is to stay true to the brand itself. One way to do so is to highlight a brand’s signature colors by incorporating fresh or faux flowers in those hues into an arch. Not only will guests quickly identify your brand, but it will make a lasting impression.

Bumble Arch

Another way to rock a flower arch at a branded event is to incorporate core elements of the brand’s identity within an arch. For example, an acrylic logo or hashtag is a go-to element that will make an impact far after an event ends because guests will post images of the arch on social media, which leads to a spread of brand awareness. Popular dating app Bumble’s branding heavily features honeycombs, so by incorporating honeycomb shapes into an arch, our team tied its branding into the photo moment.

Archway Tunnel

Greenery Tunnel

A statement-making twist on a classic floral arch is an archway tunnel. Not only do these large structures make an immediate impact, but they also add an immersive component to your event. Guests walking through an archway tunnel will be transported to a new environment.

Featuring these pathways in a venue is a unique way to control the flow of guests in a space. If you’re looking to bring guests from one area of a venue to another, an archway tunnel is a creative and aesthetically pleasing vehicle to do so.

Greenery and Floral Archway

Tropical Flower Arch

rewardStyle Arch

Guests will dream of a tropical vacation after attending a corporate or social event featuring a tropical flower arch. You can create a lush tropical floral arch by adorning a structure with a mix of tropical leaves and florals. A base of tropical leaves such as palm and monstera can be accented with tropical florals such as anthurium, heliconia, Birds of Paradise and Mokara orchids. Event arches with tropical twists create a prime opportunity for a photo moment.

Dried Grass Arch

St. Germain Flower Arch

Boho is in! A flower arch is an impressive way to tie a photo moment into a boho themed event. One of the best ways to achieve this look is to create an arch using dried grasses and textured florals. Pampas grass and other grasses such as bunny grass and phragmites give off a natural, boho look. These grasses come in a variety of subdued hues including the ever so popular pink pampas grass. While creating the arch, loosely place dried grass onto the structure to create a free-flowing and whimsical appearance.

Floral Wedding Arch

Floral Wedding Arch

Say ‘I Do‘ with a romantic floral arch at the altar. No matter what style or color scheme, a ceremony space will be transformed with the addition of a floral wedding arch. Modern, rustic or vintage aesthetics can be infused into a floral arch and tie together a ceremony and/or reception space. Whether you choose an indoor wedding arch or outdoor wedding arch, your big day will be enhanced by a vibrant and detailed creation.

Elevate your next event with a customized show-stopping event installation. A flower arch is an amazing element that can be personalized to fit any style or event type. With endless options of flowers and greenery to choose from, there’s no better option than an out-of-the-box floral arch for an event!


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