How to Plan a Successful Product Launch Event | Event Design & Production

How to Plan a Successful Product Launch Event | Event Design & Production

After months of fine-tuning and perfecting every feature, your newest product is finally ready to hit the market. It's time to think about how to plan a launch party that is worthy of your best creation yet. Your product launch event is an opportunity to showcase your newest product to investors, customers and influencers. Successful brand launches create serious hype around new products to boost initial sales and build your brand's reputation.

In this step-by-step guide for how to plan a product launch, we'll show you how to build a product launch strategy with new product launch ideas that will wow your customers.

Choose a Theme for Your Product Launch

The first step for building a product launch plan is to choose an event theme. The theme of your launch party ties everything together from the décor to the entertainment. The very best launch party themes will create a cohesive message and provide a memorable guest experience.

Here are a few tips for choosing the right theme for your product launch event.

1. Consider the Goal of the Event

Your product launch party can serve many purposes — it can dazzle your guests with an immersive experience or create space for education and discussion. Your launch event may center on the product itself or promote your overall brand personality. When choosing the theme of your launch party, consider the primary goal of the event and the key message you want your guests to take away.

2. Keep Your Audience in Mind


Next, consider the audience who will be receiving that message. Will your event guests be distinguished investors, industry influencers, loyal customers or press and media staff? The audience at your event will determine the most effective message and the best theme to support that message.

The age of your launch party guests should also influence your event theme — younger guests will enjoy playful and creative themes, while older guests may prefer a more reserved and sophisticated event. If you are targeting a younger demographic, your event theme may also incorporate extra social media elements and photo opportunities.

3. Make the Theme Inspirational

Your new product is exciting, innovative and unique — and your event theme should be too. An unimaginative event theme will leave your guests wanting more and will not build excitement around your new product. When you immerse your guests in an inspirational theme, they will be engaged with your brand and excited to try your new product for themselves.

4. Make the Theme Relevant

Even the most exciting event themes can still miss the mark if they do not make sense for your product and your industry. Choose a theme that is relevant to your industry, such as a pool party to launch a tropical juice brand or a garden party for a new line of summer dresses. If your company is launching a software product, consider a theme that is modern and futuristic.

When you create a launch party theme that is cohesive, relevant and inspirational, it will leave a lasting impression on your guests and get your new product recognized.

Choose a Venue

Once you have chosen the right event theme, it's time to find the perfect venue. Use these tips for picking a launch event venue that will impress your guests.

1. Match Your Theme and Brand

First and foremost, your event venue should match the theme of your launch party and the personality of your brand. If your company is youthful and fun, your venue can be unique and exciting. If luxury and class are the foundation of your brand, your event location should be sophisticated and elegant.

Here are a few styles of event venues to complement your brand and launch party theme.

Modern: Sleek and bright event spaces are perfect for launching innovative products and new technology. Consider hosting your product launch event at a modern studio, restaurant or hotel.

Creative: Unique designer spaces like cocktail bars, art galleries or boutiques will generate buzz and express the creativity of your brand.

Luxury: When launching a luxury product, choose a prestigious and elegant event venue that evokes class and style.

Historic: If your brand has a long company legacy, highlight this storied past by hosting your product launch in a historic museum, town hall or library.

Outdoors: A creative outdoor venue like a public garden, courtyard or park can attract large crowds while providing space for live performances and product demonstrations.

When you find the right venue for your launch party, it will elevate the overall feel of your event.

2. Keep It Simple

Your event venue should be exciting and unique, without outshining your product. If your guests are mesmerized by the vaulted ceilings and striking architecture of your venue, it may distract their attention from the main attraction — your new product.

Choose a location that allows you to highlight your product through creative displays, décor and lighting. Your venue should provide a blank canvas for you to craft an experience around your product. Venues with empty walls and spacious rooms make it easy to brand the event and make it entirely your own. You can install large displays, add temporary wall graphics and set up eye-catching features that keep your product at the center of attention.

3. Choose a Convenient Location


Look for a venue that is centrally located and easy to access. If you have a loyal local client base, choose an event venue that is close to your physical business or close to where most of your customers live. When your guests do not have to travel far for your event, you will earn higher guest attendance.

Your guests should also be able to find your venue with ease. The best event venues will have plenty of onsite parking and be convenient to access using public transportation. Easy access to the event location also makes it easier for you to set up and tear down the event. A venue with large doorways, ramps and loading bays allows you and your team to transfer AV equipment, displays, floral arrangements, props and more into the venue more efficiently.

4. Keep Capacity in Mind

Another important consideration when choosing a venue for your product launch event is capacity. Your venue should be large enough to accommodate your guests comfortably, but small enough that each room appears full. There is nothing that kills excitement more quickly than entering a party that looks empty. When comparing potential locations for your event, remember to ask for the maximum capacity of each venue.

5. Hire a Venue Scout

The perfect location for your launch event will reflect the theme of your party and fit just the right number of guests. However, finding an event venue that checks all these boxes can be challenging — that's where a venue scout comes in.

An event venue scout will do the footwork for you to help you choose the right venue for your product launch. B Floral offers venue scouting services to eliminate the hassle of finding a great venue for your event. Tell us what you are looking for, and we will find it in no time!

Build Hype Around Your Product and Event

Generating buzz around your product before the launch is essential to the success of your event — and the success of your new product. When you build hype online, customers will be excited to test out your new product and eager to place their order.

You can create conversation around your product by highlighting its cutting-edge features, or by keeping everything under wraps. If you choose to reveal your product in advance, make sure your marketing clearly explains how it works and the features that make it unique. If you decide to keep your product a secret, drop small hints on social media to keep your audience engaged and on the edge of their seat awaiting the launch.

Use these effective techniques to build anticipation for your product release and product launch party.

1. Create a Hashtag

Create a unique and catchy hashtag to promote your product launch and raise awareness of your product. Use this hashtag when you post on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. When you share photos following the event, use your launch hashtag to keep customers interested and boost your post-launch sales.

To generate even more buzz around your product, you can use your branded hashtag in a giveaway or contest. Encourage customers to create posts using your hashtag for a chance to win your product or receive a free ticket to your launch event. Contests and giveaways never fail to earn attention and get people excited.

2. Create Engaging Videos


Videos are a great way to engage with customers on social media to build hype before your event. Here are a few ways you can incorporate videos into your product launch strategy.

Product demonstrations: Use short videos to demonstrate the best features of your product and show it in action. Product demonstration videos help customers visualize how they can use your product to make their life better.

Behind-the-scenes videos: Make videos that give a behind-the-scenes look at the development or testing of your product. You will make customers intrigued by the development process and excited to see the final product.

Sneak peek videos: If you want to keep your product a secret before the launch, use sneak peek videos to reveal small details about your new product. Buzz will build around your product as customers try to guess what you are about to release.

When creating videos to promote your product launch, make sure your content is entertaining and shareable. When you give your customers something to talk about, they will share your videos with their friends and the hype around your product will continue to grow.

3. Create a Launch Countdown

Creating a launch countdown is another tried-and-true method for building excitement around a product launch. Post your launch countdown on your company website and social media platforms. When customers visit your page, they'll see reminders about the upcoming release.

When you successfully build social media hype for your product launch, you can keep this energy rolling after the launch event. Post your favorite photos from the event and repost pictures from your guests.

Put an Emphasis on Production

When the day of your launch party finally arrives, event production is what makes or breaks the event. Event production brings all of the small and large elements together to create a memorable and impactful product launch party. With excellent event production, your launch party will live up to its hype and successfully sell your new product.

Event production encompasses a wide range of elements from the decorations to the activities. Here are a few of the most vital features of event production that can make your event shine.

1. Lighting


Lighting is a powerful tool to set the mood of your product launch and support your event theme. You can create a fun environment with colorful string lights and other creative lighting fixtures, or stick to a more traditional feel with candles or chandeliers. Lighting can be used to draw attention to product displays, brand your space or direct guests around your venue.

When designing lighting for your event, plan for photo opportunities and displays. Make sure natural light sources do not cause glare on photo walls or distort any electronic displays for product demonstrations or activities.

2. Décor

Décor is another essential element of a memorable product launch event. Event décor creates a cohesive theme and expresses your brand in every detail of your party. Décor encompasses a variety of elements that contribute to your guests’ experiences at your launch party.

Podiums: If your event has speakers or presenters, podiums are a must. Instead of settling for bland podiums, rent unique lecterns or decorate them with floral arrangements or eye-catching graphics.

Furniture: Renting furniture for your product launch allows you to incorporate comfortable couches, trendy high boys, classy dining tables or any other furniture that suits your launch event. You can create intimate seating areas to stimulate conversation or encourage guests to mingle with an open floor plan.

Stage: If your venue does not provide a stage, consider renting one for your product launch. In addition to improving the visibility of speakers and presenters, you can also use creative stage design to captivate the attention of your audience.

Backdrops: Cover blank walls with floral displays, balloon features, curtains and other unique elements. Backdrops can quickly transform a plain space into an Instagram-worthy photo opportunity.

Table décor: If guests will be sitting down to enjoy a meal or listen to a speaker, design interesting table decorations that capture the theme of your event. You can also include branded party favors at each seat so guests have something to take home with them.

B Floral can help you create the most memorable product launch with our event décor services. We can handle all of your event décor needs, from furniture rentals to photo booths and flowers. When you choose B Floral for your event decorations, we can help take your event to the next level.

3. Music

Once you have perfected the visual elements of your event décor, it's time to think about sound. Whether you choose to play background music, have a DJ or hire a live band, music sets the tone for your product launch event. Upbeat music will keep your guests energized and excited, while slower music may help them focus during presentations or speakers.

4. Entertainment

The entertainment at your product launch should inform guests about your product while providing a fun experience. You may choose to host workshops, demonstrations or lectures on exciting topics in your industry or surrounding your product. If you are launching a more playful product, you may include games, comedy or fun competitions as part of your event entertainment.

You should also incorporate entertainment elements that let customers interact with your new product directly. Interactive brand activations for product launches allow customers to experience your new product in a hands-on and engaging way. When you create an experiential event, your guests are more likely to fall in love with your new product and stay loyal to your brand.

5. Displays


Your new product launch ideas should include features and displays that will get people excited about your latest creation. For edible products, your customers should be able to taste the food or drink themselves. For products like cars or equipment, guests should be able to touch and interact with the product. Branded product displays allow your product to take center stage and truly shine.

6. Photo Opportunities

If you want your product launch event to have a truly lasting impact, photos are a great way to keep your event fresh in your guests' minds. Inspire guests to take pictures at your launch event by crafting irresistible photo opportunities with photo walls, art installations, window displays and other Instagrammable decorations. When guests take photos they can't wait to share online, you will enjoy free advertising for your product and brand.

Hire an Event Production Company

If you want to put on the very best product launch event for your latest release, consider partnering with an event production company like B Floral. We can handle all aspects of your product launch event design and production, from creating attention-grabbing event installations to renting unique furniture. Our talented staff can even help you create a product launch strategy and guide you through every step of the event planning process to ensure your launch event is a success. Explore our services online, or contact B Floral to get started planning your launch event today.