Unique Tablescape Designs to Transform Your Next Event
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Unique Tablescape Designs to Transform Your Next Event

At any event or gathering, a tablescape can be utilized as a main focal point for guests. It’s where guests are encouraged to spend a great amount of time at an event, and it acts as more than just an area to entertain. A tablescape is a stylized design element, meant to serve a purpose and to add to the overall cohesiveness of an event’s design. There is a classic simplicity to using fresh flowers for your tablescape design through the use of multiple bud vases, overwhelming garlands and adorned vases. However, B Floral loves to have the chance to take any event over the top with heightened non-floral décor...and yes, this includes tablescape design.

Elements of a Tablescape

Until you start to gather and collect ideas for what your final masterpiece is going to look like, it can be difficult to determine every single piece that you’re going to need for your event’s tablescape. For large groups, tables can extend throughout entire rooms. It’s essential to maximize the potential that your tablescape holds for expertly representing your brand, your event, and your voice. With any table setting or tablescape design, there are multiple elements:

  • The structure of the table itself

  • Table Décor

  • Linens

  • China

  • Chargers

  • Flatware

  • Glassware

  • Name cards

With all of these elements being utilized, there is an overwhelming opportunity to astonish guests with your event design, whether it be floral or non-floral design elements. Focus on the tiny details of your table setting design and encourage guests to capture each individual moment to share on Instagram and more. The more your guests notice the details, the more your brand has the potential to reach larger audiences.

Unique Table Runners

With infinite choices and combinations of style, design and approaches, there are so many options when giving your tablecape the right personality. A table runner is the perfect way to add life and character to any tablescape. It is best when it’s coordinated with the design of your table settings and your overall event design. B Floral loves the eccentricity and unparalleled look of a non-floral table runner. We even listed out some of our favorites below!


A coral table runner is one that would definitely not go unnoticed. It is a fun element that your guests can interact with, and one that they will definitely want to snap pictures of. Even though it’s engaging and energetic, it can still be a clean, simple table runner, that isn’t too garish or gaudy. Spread out varying pieces of coral of all different sizes along the median of your table. Intersperse the blank space with candles of the same color scheme. It will add an extra touch of elegance to your overall design.

Cacti and succulents

Succulents and cacti seem as if they’re never going to go out of style! These plants are easy to maintain, and are a hot commodity for any event you may coordinating. There are numerous different varieties of succulents and they have varying flowering and visual styles. Some are pointy and prickly, and others are smooth and muted. Plant your succulents in lively and splashy vases that will elicit a refreshing and festive reaction from guests. Line the middle of your table with them to create a stunning table runner that is animated and vivid. Combined with other rainbow design elements, this is one of our favorite ways to style these little guys and to truly emulate their natural varying color palettes.

Embrace Kitsch

Depending on what type of event you may be coordinating and what brand you’re working with, this might be the perfect design style for your table runner. With kitsch comes art, objects and design that are all over the top, but somehow seamlessly work together in an impressive way. Utilize a kitsch element in your table runner, such as pink flamingos, to evoke a 1980s Miami Vice vibe. They’re amusing and charming and will encourage guests to celebrate and enjoy your event and the overall event design.

Simple and Elegant Table Décor Ideas

With any tablescape design, there is a way to employ non-floral elements that will heighten the class and sophistication of your event, all while keeping guests engaged. Keep things simple and modest with your next tablescape and table setting design with some of our ideas below:


You simply can’t go wrong with candles in your tablescape and table setting designs. They’re chic and romantic, and guests will love to be illuminated in their soft glow. They allow for dreamy photo moments and can be combined with essentially any other design element you may already have.

Greenery and Other Natural Elements

It can feel very mystical and enchanting when elements that are normally only found outside are invited in and actually featured in an event’s décor. Greenery and other natural elements can thrill and inspire guests in a way like no other. Add a silver snowflake to your napkin holder to devise winter wonderland feels. Blend in elements such as pinecones and branched globes with the greenery and candles already on your table runner to add dimension and depth, something that all tablescapes should have.

Fruit and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are a great way to excite guests with your table décor. It’s exciting to see such an everyday item used in a way that is new and refreshing. Use a fruit, such as a lemon or orange, as a name card for your guests. It’ll most likely be featured on social media and they may even wish to take it home! If your event is taking place in the fall, take advantage of pumpkins and gourds that are often readily available in the season. To establish an even more lavish environment, paint your pumpkins to create a monochromatic design. Guests will be charmed with such exquisite table décor.

Work with B Floral to Create your Unique Tablescape Design

Based on what kind of event you may be hosting, different approaches may work better. Sometimes it’s best to go with a more conventional design if you’re hosting a board meeting luncheon. However, if you’re putting on a product launch reception, you want your tablescape to go above and beyond when it comes to representing your brand and product.

Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a brand launch, a social event, or a reception, use your tablescape as a major focal point of visual interest. Contact B Floral today to find out how we can work with you to design a tablescape that reflects the true theme and ambiance of your event. Every company has a story; use all of your design elements, even a tablescape, to truly tell it.