4 Product Launch Ideas That Will Create Brand Buzz
Bridget MurrayComment

4 Product Launch Ideas That Will Create Brand Buzz

How will your product stand apart from the rest? This is the key question many brands ask while launching a new product in a cluttered market. A launch event has become an essential component of any product roll-out, due in part to the buzz it generates throughout the industry and across social media. If you want to make an impact with an upcoming product launch, brand-focused and customized elements featured must define the message and purpose behind your brand and product.

Continue on for product launch ideas that will showcase your product AND will blow away guests!

Bring Your Product to Life

Bath and Body Works Floral Perfume Bottle - B Floral


Grab guests’ attention with a larger than life spin on a product. Whether it’s a shoe, lipstick or handbag, countless numbers of products can be transformed into oversized creations. You can use a variety of elements to create the pieces, both floral and non-floral. Not only is it a statement piece, but it is very Instagrammable. Look for posts of your creations all over your guests’ feeds!

Bath and Body Works was looking for an impactful element at an event celebrating the brands’ new Gingham collection. Our team created a giant perfume bottle using white peonies and roses with a black stopper, finished off with a bow in the collection’s signature pattern. The oversized perfume bottle was placed alongside new products, adding a whimsical feel to the event.

Bath and Body Works Giant Perfume Bottle - B Floral

Impactful Photo Moments


Encourage guests to take photos during your event by featuring one-of-a-kind photo moments. Each photo moment must speak to your product while adding an inviting aspect to entice attendees to take photos. For example, swings are playful elements that add an interactive element to a photo moment. An environment must be curated to align with the product and impress guests enough to share memories from the launch.

The Bait Shoppe enlisted our help to create a photo moment at a product launch for their client First Aid Beauty. The brand was launching a facial cream with a light and airy feel, so we created a hanging photo backdrop using white feathers. We hung dozens of feathers at different lengths to create a full backdrop that tied into an aspect of the product.


Lush Flower Walls

Almay Lip Vibes Launch Flower Wall - B Floral

A flower wall can easily be an impactful focal point of a product launch. The design behind each flower wall should tie-in to the aesthetic and functionality of the product. Regardless of size, a branded flower wall can make a statement through the use of color, texture and branding. In each image taken, logos and other branding elements will be at the forefront, allowing for brand visibility online and across social media.

 Our team has worked on hundreds of branded flower walls over the years, so we’re knowledgeable in which elements of a branded flower wall work best. Almay was looking for a colorful wall for the launch of their Lip Vibes lipstick collection, so we created a colorful tropical wall that corresponded with the products’ packaging. We included the brand’s logo as well as a hashtag so guests would easily know which tag was associated with the product and the launch event.


Themed Product Vignettes

L'Occitane Product Display - B Floral

 At a product launch, it’s important to showcase products in a non-traditional way if you want them to be remembered. No longer are the days where products are simply lined up under a display case. Start by conceptualizing a theme that encapsulates the product and the theme of the event. Place corresponding elements throughout the display a create a cohesive yet unique vignette.

rewardStyle and L’Occitane was in need of vignettes to display a series of products in a collection. We used a variety of flowers in pastel yellows and pinks to complement the yellow packaging of the product. Moving beyond simply flowers, we included fruits and bright paper leaves to create a tropical vignette for skincare brand Skinsei.


 Make a splash with an impressive product launch. Whether you create oversized products, branded flower walls, impressive photo moments or curated product display vignettes, one of-a-kind elements will elevate a product launch to the next level. Your new product will be be the talk of the town when you launch it in style!