How to Increase Guest Attendance at Corporate Events

How to Increase Guest Attendance at Corporate Events

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Whether you’re organizing a conference or throwing a product launch, corporate events have become standard for thousands of organizations. Although potential attendees may have attended dozens of similar events in the past, it’s essential to set your corporate event apart from the rest to increase guest attendance and to generate great buzz. With the goal of attracting the greatest number of guests to your corporate event, a few key initiatives and practices should be put in place to ensure potential attendees are enticed to stop by. If you’re worried about how to get RSVPs and boost event attendance at your next event, read ahead for insights into how to make your corporate event stand out from the rest!

  1. Prioritize Date & Time

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As an event planner, you must cater to the needs of guests prior to the start of the event. In the early stages of planning, you have to keep in mind which day of the week and what time of day would be most convenient for guests to be able to attend. Attendance for any corporate event will vary based on when you set the date, so keep in mind the following:

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays are the most popular days to hold an event

    • Prioritize these days of the week while looking over your calendar

  • Stay away from holding events on Fridays

    • Attendees may have prior engagements on the night leading into the weekend

  • Hold any evening events immediately after work hours

    • Guests are more apt to attend an event after work so they have less time to wait around

  • Give accurate and realistic end time

    • Ensure your guests don’t feel obligated to attend an event that is held longer than necessary


2. All About Location

Potential attendees take into consideration the location of an event’s venue when deciding whether or not to RSVP. Convenience is an important aspect of enticing guests to attend a corporate event. Venues in obscure locations or those which lack the ability for guests to easily travel to can easily bring down the attendance of an event. When choosing a venue, pick a location nearby public transportation such as train and bus stops/stations if an event is taking place in a large city. For events in suburban areas, ensure that there is ample parking available for attendees who are driving and carpooling to an event.

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It is also important that an event take place at a unique venue. Traditional venues such as hotel conference rooms or convention centers are not attractive for guests who are looking for a one of a kind experience. Keep in mind new restaurants, venues with rooftops or private homes as potential venue options that will intrigue guests and boost event attendance.


3. Send Reminders

After your invites are delivered, it’s important to send out reminders leading up to the event to attract last minute guests or gently remind guests who have already RSVP’d. Whether you decide to send out mailed invitations or email invitations, email is the most efficient and cost effective way to remind guests of your upcoming corporate event to increase attendance. Keep in mind, you aren’t looking to “spam” attendees with too many reminders. A few target times to send out reminders are 2 weeks, 1 week and 3 days ahead of time. This ensures that guests are kindly reminded without feeling bombarded by emails.


4. Activate Your Event

Draw guests to your event by featuring an interactive activation that guests will line up for all event long. You can tease the activation you’ll include at your event in the invite or in any further reminders in attempts to attract more attendees. A few activations you can offer at your corporate event are flower arranging classes, interactive games and out-of-the-box activities that fit the type of event and its theme. The most important aspect of an event activation is for guests to interact with one another and build memories that last long after the event itself. Event attendance is sure to increase if you promote a unique activation at your next corporate function.


5. Include a Show-stopping Photo Moment

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If you’re looking to increase product launch attendance or seminar attendance, a one of a kind photo moment can be an impactful element that attracts guests. Photo moments including flower walls, floral installations and hanging installs are the perfect way for guests to pose and snap pics throughout the event. If guests are expecting unique moments they can share on social media (especially Instagram), you must focus on something that will make an impact yet make sense for the corporate event itself. For example, if you’re hosting a conference for a group of restaurateurs, a branded fruit and vegetable step and repeat is a great photo-worthy option that speaks to the event.


Ensure Your Next Event is Well Attended

Any successful corporate event is based on many factors, but if you can’t find a way to secure attendance, then the full potential of an event is lost. Achieving great event attendance takes a considerable amount of effort if you wish to bring in quality and large quantity of guests who wish to share the experience you’re offering. Whether it be sending periodic email reminders, or including a memorable event activation, there are many ways to increase guest attendance while staying true to the mission and purpose behind a corporate event.

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