Tablescape Design Inspiration for 2019
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Tablescape Design Inspiration for 2019

As the new year rolls in, new event design trends and styles are taking shape for 2019. While we may miss a few of our 2018 favorites, new and exciting designs will be seen at an array of events from product launches to charity galas. At any gathering, a tablescape is the focal point of the space— an area where long-lasting memories are created. Ensure guests are wowed by creating a cohesive tablescape filled with intricate details.

 Continue on to check out a few tablescape designs which feature unique elements that you’ll be seeing throughout 2019!

Tablescape Canopies

Floral Canopy Tablescape- B Floral

Jaws will drop with a grand tablescape design that emphasizes height and volume. This year a canopy will be a very popular element to include in any tablescape design. There are a variety of ways to create a canopy on a dining table, but using elegant pedestals with a bar across to create a solid base is a stylish and functional way to go. Place a variety of blooms and greenery into the canopy to create a full and whimsical installation. Not only will guests be taken aback in person, but this design trend is certainly Instagrammable and makes for sharable photos.


Bold Patterned Plates

Bold patterned plates will also be featured prominently in a variety of colorful tablescapes. Make sure to find statement plates that contain at least one color found throughout the rest of the table to tie-in to the elegant table setting design as a whole. You can also play with texture and differing size plates to evoke a playful feel. Whether it be a dinner plate, side plate or charger, an eye-catching patterned plate will add an additional pop of color to your table.

Bold Colorful Accent Plates- B Floral

Floral Tablescapes with Understated Hues

White And Greenery Tablescape- B Floral

Simple yet elegant design. Floral tablescapes that focus on subdued colors and delicate florals will be immensely popular in 2019. White blooms and greenery such as eucalyptus and fern is a classic pairing that will brighten up any dining table. Combine full arrangements with bud vases to create a full yet varied tablescape. If you want to include a personal touch to guests’ table settings, create a mini bouquet and place upon each plate, which guests can also take home at the end of the event.


Colorful Glassware

Blue Glasses as Accent Pieces- B Floral

Colorful glassware is another vibrant element to add to a table. Glasses in unique hues can transform the aesthetic of the table and even venue of you event. If you choose a simple color palette for your tablescape, adding a pop of colorful glassware will make an impact. Choose complementary colors of shades found in any flower arrangements on the table to make the most impact. The contrast between differing colors will elevate your tablescape and take it to the next level.


Hanging Installations

Equinox Hanging Tablescape Installation- B Floral

Hanging installations will make a statement. Featuring a hanging installation above a tablescape will add a dramatic feel to the space. The height and size of the install is completely customizable to the feel you want to achieve in the space. You can create an installation with both floral and non-floral elements depending on the theme of your event. Add additional table décor elements to the dining table that ties in with the hanging creation above. A hanging installation will draw guests’ eyes and impress all night long.


All-Natural Table Runners

Greenery and Fruit Table Runner- B Floral

An all-natural table runner is a popular tablescape focal point that you’ll continue to see in 2019. Combine greenery and florals and place them down the center of your table to create a voluminous runner. Incorporate other fresh elements such as fruits and vegetables into the runner for a unique addition. You can also place a variety of tall tapered candles throughout to create an intimate ambiance. A table runner with an emphasis on natural elements will elevate a venue’s surroundings and add a peaceful feel.


Summer Tablescape Ideas

The summer season means countless outdoor events and many reasons to celebrate. A casual dinner party with friends or an evening soirée under the stars can be elevated with a one of a kind tablescape. One unique idea to impress guests all summer long is to incorporate non-floral elements into a tablescape. Untraditional table décor items such as coral will add a summer vibe to your dining table in an out-of-the-box way.

Pink Ombré Floral Table Runner

Another summer tablescape idea is to create a lush ombré floral table runner that gradually blends shades of one color from light to dark. Choose a single hue in a color palette suited for your event and place blooms of differing tints throughout the center of your table to create a photo-worthy focal point.


With a new year, you’ll find new trends and new design styles. Our team looks forward to creating new designs and delivering one of a kind experiences to guests. Every client is involved in each step of the event process, from conception to execution. Between show stopping floral canopies, subtle color schemes and elaborate hanging installations, 2019 is sure to showcase stunning design trends.

Looking to turn an event into the party of the year? Contact us today to see how our team can incorporate the latest event design trends into your next event!