Floral Wall Design Tips From the Pros

Floral Wall Design Tips From the Pros

Every exceptional event has a defining feature— a distinguishable element that separates it from countless others. No matter the type or style of an event, flowers will elevate your venue and impress guests. If you’re looking for a grand way to incorporate florals and greenery into your event, a floral wall is sure to make a statement.

B Floral's owner and lead designer Bronwen Smith and our design team have created dozens of walls over the years and compiled a few of their top design tips. Read on to gain insight from our pros on how to design the ultimate floral wall!

Photo Booth Blooms


Floral walls can be incorporated into popular activities found at your event. Photo booths - always a guest favorite - provide an opportunity to seamlessly integrate flowers into the space. Guests will enjoy posing for photos as well as bringing home the pictures as keepsakes. To make a visual impact, your photo booth backdrop should be a focal point of your venue. Flowers and greenery must be utilized throughout a backdrop to take your photo booth experience to the next level.

Backdrop designs can range from complete coverage to subtle hints of blooms. If you’re looking to create a full wall, cover it with moss, greenery and flowers. A simplistic backdrop can be achieved by clustering a small amount blooms in specific patterns across the wall.


Integrate Interactive Elements


In addition to enhancing the atmosphere of your event, floral walls can be used as interactive tools to spread your brand’s message. Going beyond colors or logos, floral walls must speak to the essence of your business. Interactive walls can be used at a wide array of events including product launches, conferences and press previews.

Attach devices such as tablets to your floral wall and let guests explore content or learn about a new product. This interactive component will set your brand apart from the competition. Not only will guests learn more about your brand and products, but an interactive floral wall will draw in more attendees and clients than a standard backdrop.


Out-of-the-Box Designs


Don’t be afraid to mix up the materials and style of your next floral wall. Depending on the type of event and aesthetic you want to achieve, you may decide to create a nontraditional wall. A non-floral creation is a bold choice that may better suit the product you're highlighting.

If you wish to forgo fresh flowers, an all-greenery wall will add a natural look to your venue. Combing greenery such as ruscus and an assortment of tropical leaves will leave you with a luscious statement wall. You can also cover a greenery wall with metallic spray paint for a unique touch. Choose classics such as gold and silver or opt for other metallics such as bronze and rose gold.


Standout Step and Repeats


A floral step and repeat will make an immediate impact as guests arrive at a venue. Regardless if attendees are celebrities or top clients, many guests love taking photos before enjoying an event. A standard step and repeat will display an array of logos on a basic banner, but flowers and greenery will elevate even the most simplistic backdrop.

Attach logos to fully floral covered step and repeats or adorn the edges with a wide variety of florals and greenery. A customized step and repeat will entice guests to capture memorable moments as they begin their experience at your gathering.


Always versatile, a floral wall is the ideal addition to your next event. Whether you’re in need of a pop of color for a photo booth or want an interactive element in your space, floral walls are able to transform a cold venue into a welcoming and interactive environment. Be sure to prepare for an overwhelming response- a stunning floral wall will be the talk of any event! Contact our design team today to get started creating your custom flower wall.