The Best Flowers To Use In A Floral Wall

The Best Flowers To Use In A Floral Wall

Flower walls have become a big part of events in recent years. Whether you are using it as décor or creating a photo moment, a floral wall is a statement installation in any room. Incorporating a photo moment is a great way to create exposure for your event and brand as well as ensure that your guests will share their experience. 


Roses are a popular bloom to incorporate into your floral wall. We use roses for an array of reasons starting with the fact that they come in an abundance of colors. You can create many different patterns and make the wall extremely customizable. They are sturdy flowers which can be effortlessly placed into any type of floral wall structure. Roses are always available and are easily obtainable— making them the perfect flower to use in your wall!


Another popular option to use in your wall is a succulent! Succulents come in all different sizes, but only a few colors. If you are looking for a more unique look on your wall, you may want to incorporate this fun plant. Most succulents fit into the greenery spectrum but you can also find some in purples for a pop of color.


An orchid is a statement flower that will have a very strong presence on a wall. The orchid variety you'll find most often is the cymbidium orchid. These flowers may come in only a handful of shades, but show a unique pattern throughout the petals. Orchids are a delicate flower with a very strong impact. 


Palm leaves are also a fun addition to incorporate into floral walls. Like succulents, you can spray paint them so they align with your event's color scheme perfectly. Palm leaves are tropical elements that give off a summer feel and you will want to utilize them accordingly with the specific season! 

The intricate work that goes into every flower wall varies based on each installation. Some more elaborate walls could include thousands of flowers where as others may have a structure with only a few hanging pieces. These specific flowers form the foundation of many flower walls and should be used in the creation of the floral installation at your next event!