Top Event Design Trends for Summer 2018

Top Event Design Trends for Summer 2018

Summer is approaching and we’re beyond excited for the celebrations to come! Each season is full of new event design and production trends and we’re always looking to innovate clients' events. Besides taking advantage of the gorgeous weather by hosting outdoor events, there are plenty of ways highlight the best elements of summer. Check out the event design trends you’ll be seeing all season long and try to incorporate a few into any upcoming event!

Out-of-the-Box Outdoor Installations


Nothing says summer more than an outdoor bash! It’s important to separate your event apart from the rest. You can achieve this by incorporating out-of-the-box installations into your venue. When it comes to unique summer installations, size isn’t the most important factor; creativity and a strong visual impact are key.

One type of installation you’ll be seeing this summer is a floating installation. They're not only one-of-a-kind, but take advantage of an often underutilized area of a backyard space. Floral rings in bright and bold colors are unique elements that can be placed throughout a pool of any size.

Balloon installations will also be very popular this summer. Feature balloons on arches, as a photo booth backdrop or incorporated into a display. Mix and match colors and sizes as you see fit to correspond with the theme and feel of the event. For an added pop, incorporate florals into the installation for a mix of texture and color.


Utilizing Natural Elements


The beauty of throwing an outdoor event is that you can utilize the many elements already found in nature. Whether hanging floral installations from trees or placing lights throughout shrubbery, using trees and plants is both cost effective and will elevate a design. Hedges are examples of multi-purpose natural features that can be used to heighten the venue.

Throughout the summer you’ll find many instances of hedges being utilized as focal points. One way to turn a hedge into an installation is to place a neon sign within the hedge of a logo, event name/date or hashtag. Frame the logo with an assortment of florals to add in a mix of color. This installation can be used as a photo moment or overall statement piece. You can also fill a hedge with blooms to use as a backdrop or statement wall to wow guests and tie-in the color scheme of your gathering.


Themed Events


Immerse your guests in a specific theme at an upcoming event. If you incorporate a number of small details, guests will appreciate the extra touches that go above and beyond to create a unique environment. Pay close attention to color, texture and corresponding décor that will tie together the theme of your event.

One go-to option perfect for summer is an untraditional take on a coastal theme. Throw away color and stick to hues of white and gray for an elegant look. Use white coral as décor to bring the sea to your event without using clichéd elements such as shells, sand or anchors. Scatter coral throughout the center of a table to create a modern, seaside table runner for a memorable tablescape.

An important aspect of a themed event is attention to detail. For example, if you’re hosting an event with a cultural theme that includes a custom such as eating on the ground, adopt this into your event to make it as authentic as possible. Customized table settings using detailed plates, flatware and accents such as flowers is another way to let the theme of your event shine through.


Mini Potted Plants


With so much diversity in variety, color and texture, potted plants are a crowd favorite. Succulents and cacti add a natural feel to a tablescape, coffee tables or other highlighted surfaces. You can easily find pots in different colors and patterns that fit the style of the gathering.

There are many ways to bring mini potted plants into your summer venue. Cluster pots of various sizes throughout a tablescape to create a full table runner. You can also place a plant on top of each plate to elevate a traditional table setting. Gift mini potted plants at the end of your event as the perfect take away. They're easily portable and can be placed in a home or apartment of any size.