4 Tips to Elevate Your Big Day

4 Tips to Elevate Your Big Day


It’s officially wedding season! Between dress fittings and venue scouting, wedding planning is overwhelming to say the least. Our team at B Floral knows how stressful this amazing process can be. Along with insights from Zola, we're sharing 4 tips that will assist brides in planning and designing their perfect wedding – from the bridal shower to the main event. Read ahead for tips on how to not only plan, but design a stunning space on your big day!

1. Based on a survey conducted by Zola, flowers and decor made the top 5 vendors that couples wished they spent more on! It's also an element that newlyweds found to make the event truly unforgettable. In order to avoid this mistake, you must first break down your budget before booking vendors. This is a tricky task but having your budget in place can set the tone for your other planning decisions such as the number of guests to invite and how much you can splurge or save on vendors.


2. It's also important to do your research and ask the right questions before you book! The great thing about booking vendors, is that they're the professionals and will be able to see out your vision. You can come to them with any questions and they’ll be determined to give you what you want. Before you meet with a floral designer, make sure you already reserved the ceremony and reception venue. That way you'll know what you need to fill the space and achieve the right look. Some basic questions include if they have that date available, who will be creating the arrangements and of course if they work within your budget.


3. Liven up your reception with interactive installations and activations! Elements such as flower crown stations and photo booths can be customized to both a theme and your personal style. If you want to elevate a standard photo booth, create a floral wall backdrop in hues that tie into the color scheme and attach an acrylic monogram or event date. A personalized photo booth is the perfect interactive element that will leave guests with lasting memories of your big day.


4. Focus on design elements that will make a statement! Hanging installations bring the ‘wow factor’ to a venue – indoor or out. Create elements such as spheres or enhance chandeliers with greenery to hang throughout your venue. Hanging installations maximize design impact while minimizing surface space, allowing you to incorporate more décor without a messy look. Other elements such as floral garland can be dispersed around the space or clustered together to create a backdrop for an altar or a photo moment.


Did You Know? Zola's registry offers cash and honeymoon funds. Couples are free to customize these funds to be used however they wish. You can even create a cash fund for wedding vendors. It's a great gift idea to help cover wedding expenses!

Regardless of budget or input from family and friends, your big day should encompass the personalities of both you and your fiancé. Keep spending in mind, but also strive to personalize your venue by creating unique décor elements and experiences such as interactive activations and hanging installations. If you let your vision shine through, an unforgettable day is ahead!