How Flower Power Helps Boost Your Mood & Creates A Comforting Environment

How Flower Power Helps Boost Your Mood & Creates A Comforting Environment


There’s no escaping stress and anxiety. It’s a part of everyday life, a total con that comes with adulting. We all try to figure out many different solutions to counteract the everyday struggles that brings us stress.

While there are many different solutions to managing your mental health, studies show that flowers can help induce calmness and well-being.

A 2008 study by Seong-Hyun Park and Richard Mattson found that hospital patients that had flowers in their rooms had lower stress levels. These same patients were more positive about their recovery than patients who did not have flowers in their room.

Fill your home or office with some beautiful blooms to help take your mind off things. Having some flowers or greenery in your bedroom create a calming environment for when you come home after a long day and can lift you up in the morning when you wake up.


Anxiety and stress come with the realities of everyday life. Some floral scents, like lavender, have been proven to lower your heart rate and blood pressure, resulting in a deeper relaxation. This can help with those who suffer from insomnia.

Flowers can also change how you feel about associating emotions to colors. Different colors are representative of different moods and feelings. For example, red usually is associated with love and anger, while yellow is associated with happiness.


Fun fact: the color green is associated to safety, which is why having leafy greenery or succulents in your bedroom can create a comfortable, homier environment.


Do you ever feel like sometimes you’re just sitting at work just staring at your screen? Having flowers in your work space can also help maximize productivity. Try utilizing an arrangement set in the idle of a conference table at meetings to encourage the stimulation of creativity. Studies have shown that offices with flowers and plants encourage creativity and performance.


Although some may believe that having just a clean office is key, adding flowers can help increase visual stimulation for those who’re there for long hours. They can help inspire you and get your creative juices flowing at work or at school by their smell and their visual appearance.

Flowers may not be the cure to insomnia or severe anxiety but they do take the edge off some serious scenarios. Or you can just spoil yourself with a gorgeous bouquet.

So do yourself a favor and de-stress your space and your life with the help of some Flower Power!