B the Office Hero: Planning Your Meetings

B the Office Hero: Planning Your Meetings

Whether it be with a potential client, your corporate team, or an outside agency, your meetings should be thought out meticulously. A good first impression with a lead is set by showing them your attention to detail. Not only will a client, partner, or guest notice the water you set out and the pens you place - they'll want an ambiance. This is where having floral arrangements for your corporate meetings benefit your brand and business more than you may think. Depending on the bloom and the arrangement, you can design a meeting incorporating florals that will actually help influence the room. 

A few reminders to pay close attention to when planning a corporate meeting:

  • What water do you want to set out? The brand and quality of water will be noticed, even if the person doesn't drink any of it.

  • Brand your pens and paper. If you have notebooks and pens that you would like to set out (which is recommended) be sure to brand those items. This way, when they leave with your notebook or keep a pen on their way out of your office, it will be a reminder later on.

  • Prepare and display marketing materials. If you have a lead coming in, be sure to neatly set the most recent look book and marketing brochures in front of them. Also keep past look books handy in case they want reference to something else you've done with previous clients.

How to incorporate flowers into your corporate meetings to increase your chances of partnering with a potential client...

Floral arrangements lends itself to an ambiance of a room. If you want to create an atmosphere of calmness, energy, or give your bland conference room a little life when you are expecting clients or leads, you should be considering flowers over anything else. Why? Because floral arrangements provides a subtle power to the room that influences without being obvious. It's a "nice touch" instead of "they're trying too hard." 

B the Office Hero: Planning Your Meetings

B the Office Hero: Planning Your Meetings