Succulents In The Home

Succulents In The Home

Succulents are long lasting floral elements that have been trending in the floral and event design industry this season. 'Greenery' has also been a major trend in event design, which can often include a succulent inspired element!  Succulents can be used in arrangements, wreaths or even as loose décor throughout a tablescape. Succulents grow in several colors and shapes and can also be used as statement pieces by spray painting them a unique color to mix in with the theme of your event or gathering.


Adding succulents into arrangements can elevate your designs to a whole new level. Succulents can create an attention-grabbing component to the design, while also giving off a natrual look. Succulents are always in season! Because of their constant availability, succulents provide a surefire way to spice up an arrangement at any time. Succulents also work nicely as décor on tables or windowsills as standalone accents. They add something unique to an open space which elevates the space instantly.


Whether hosting a big event or an intimate dinner party, using a potted succulent can be a great takeaway gift. They can be paired with multiple succulents or even a few cacti for a different element. Succulents are also a unique way to hold place cards if you plan to have a large seated dinner. By adding them to the table with the card, you have already given them their takeaway and added extra florals to the table in a fun way!


Floral wreaths are another great way to incorporate succulents into your home during any season! This is a statement piece that will grab some eye once they are about to enter the room. Succulents are a great plant to mix into your home decor to create a welcoming feel and they go great with multiple styles. Mix in some seasonal blooms and be prepared to wow your guests!