Incorporating Florals Into a Product Launch or Press Preview

Incorporating Florals Into a Product Launch or Press Preview

A product launch or press preview should successfully convey the message behind your product to the press and public. The item must be immersed in an atmosphere that will elevate the experience of all attendees to ensure it stands above all competition.

After working with dozens of clients throughout the years, our team at B Floral has transformed many spaces with flowers to create the ultimate environment for noteworthy product launches and press previews. For insight into how to create the perfect showcase event with florals, check out our tested ideas below!

Interactive Floral Installations


A floral-filled installation is the perfect way to display your product while also setting your brand apart from competitors. Whether you’re transforming a room or creating an event booth, don’t let your brand installation fall flat without crucial eye-catching elements such as florals. Place accents such as bud vases or hanging garland throughout the space to tie together your brand and product.

We worked with La Croix to highlight the brand’s multiple flavors of sparkling water. Each flavor pairs with a colorful, patterned box, so we decided to incorporate these boxes into a photo booth wall. We decorated the wall with succulents, palm leaves and pineapples to promote the tropical flavors of the product while also staying true to the brand’s identity and aesthetic.


Brand-Focused Tablescapes


If your press preview or product launch includes a sit-down dinner, elevate both your product and event by creating an unforgettable floral tablescape. Standard arrangements should be replaced by natural floral table runners created with greenery, large blooms and berries. Display your product within or around the table runner or on top of guests’ plates with a bloom.

Saje Wellness hosted a dinner party to introduce their products to editors before opening a new retail location. We created a table runner using white orchids and lisianthus while their team placed products alongside. We also created a variety of small arrangements and bud vases that were added to vignettes around the room showcasing various products.


Spread Your Message


Want to display the name of a product or a hashtag at an event? Let florals be the medium to convey a brand’s message. Blooms and greenery can be placed into branded vases or used to create large standing letters. Regardless of size, creating key brand messages using flowers will make a statement while highlighting your product.

A tech client wanted a unique way to depict a phrase that embodied their new tablets at a press preview. We found hallowed metal letters and filled them with an assortment of succulents that we spray painted for pops of color. This natural, rustic vessel filled with succulents relayed the feel and identity of the new product to all guests.


Whether creating an installation or a tablescape for a product launch or press preview, florals are a necessity, not an afterthought. Flowers will set the mood and enhance the various components of your product and event.