The Best Blooms for Spring

The Best Blooms for Spring

Spring has officially sprung! The season well-known for bringing back the brightest blooms and outdoor gatherings is finally here. We may be waiting for the weather to fully warm up, but many florals have already adapted to the new season. Create an immediate statement with your choice of blooms and start your spring off right!  


Peonies are crowd favorites at almost every event. They are large blooms that come in a few colors and always make a statement when they're shown in any arrangement! This specific flower is in season from the end of the spring throughout the season and is very hard to obtain during its off season. Peonies also look great in an arrangement as buds. By adding these early stage blooms into an arrangement, you can expect beauty from the start to the finish of its floral life.

Another stunning flower to incorporate into your spring events is the sweet pea. This bloom is not only a statement for the eyes, but the smell is incredible. Sweet pea can be dyed many colors, which will help transform your venue into a completely personalized event. The very thin stems makes it easy to place into an array of arrangements. Their unique and delicate petals will always pop!


Mimosa is a very unique bloom. They have one of the quickest seasons of any flower. Mimosa starts to bloom in very early spring and fades out right around the beginning of March. Fun fact: mimosa is the flower of International Women's Day. The custom of giving the mimosa flower dates back to Italy around 1946. The flowers were intended to be given as a sign of respect. Although only around for a short period of time, this bold, yellow flower should be used to bring springtime light into your event.


Hydrangea is a versatile variety that can be acquired all year round. This floral is very full and will give your arrangement a lot of volume. Hydrangea has the most variety of color of all florals, giving you a lot of room for creativity when using it in an arrangement. The color of the petals change naturally based on the pH levels found in the soil. These blooms drink from the petals as well as the stems!


Each year the event game changes when the warmer seasons roll in. The gorgeous weather allows you to expand your choice of venues and arrangements. Bringing events outdoors will give you more room to explore with spring blooms and create a statement in the new season.