Tips & Tricks On Planning The Perfect Press Event

Tips & Tricks On Planning The Perfect Press Event

Media events are crucial factors in getting brand recognition. Our team understands that when the press is there, the pressure is ON. From product launches to exclusive editor previews, we know how to help brands put the “wow” in “wow factor”. Here are some tips and tricks on planning your next press event!

1. Set Goal(s)

Ask yourself this, “why am I holding this event?”. Be specific in your answer. Of course it is probably to promote the latest product, but look deeper into how you plan on doing so. Ask yourself questions and create a “goal” list. Who are you targeting? What kind of publications are you targeting? What types of press pieces do you expect to come of this? Will you create a special hashtag for your event to help keep track of social traffic? Who/how many people would you like to post about your event? Clearly spelling out your goals will help you achieve them.

2. Theme

Theme is important. If you want to associate a specific color to your brand or product, a monochromatic color theme works great. A monochromatic color theme will help engrain and color associate colors to your brand or product into your attendees minds.

3. Curate Your Guest List Strategically

Do lots of research. Figure out who your target audience is and what publications they follow. These publications are the ones to put on your guest list! With social media at an all time high, digital influencers (i.e. Youtubers and Instagram influencers) are also great assets in getting your product or brand in front of the right audience.

4. Venue

Location. Location. Location! Choosing your target audience plays a big role in this. Figure out the types of media you want to attend your event, and do some research on where their home offices are. Many media publications are based in New York City, Los Angeles, or Chicago.

5. Make It Social (With Decor)

Engage with your guests. The promotion of your product and brand does not begin and end at the event. We’ve learned that creating a hashtag for your event helps promote your brand, as well as, keep track of the social media traffic you have received from a specific event.

Use decor as a way to engage with your guests! Think of ways that will make your party “Instagram Worthy”. Use bold style when it comes to decor and create an experiential event. Utilize over-the-top photo moments and installations. Some of our favorite installation ideas include a floral (or non-floral) wall or arch. Hanging floral garland also works as a beautifully elegant backdrop for pictures, as well as, enhancing a space’s ambiance.

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