New Beginnings: B Floral Changes Offices

New Beginnings: B Floral Changes Offices

The Backstory

It hums like a newsroom with events and inquiries pouring in hourly. An energy fills the office from the moment the first designer comes in early in the morning until the last coordinator leaves at night, only after all work and every meticulous detail for each upcoming event has been reviewed. As a full service event design and production firm based in one of the busiest cities in the world, B Floral has a lot to keep up with on a daily basis. In the past year, we’ve almost doubled the amount of events completed and our staff has been expanding to be able to keep up with the demand. With growth like this, it’s important for our company to have a space that can handle the amount of work we put into perfecting our clients’ visions. Therefore… we’ve moved to a new office!

It was a long and strenuous journey, but B Floral has settled down into our new, cozy office and it’s starting to finally feel like home!

The New Space

Still in the heart of Manhattan, our new space lets our brand shine through and through. To inspire, energize, and repeat, our work from past events is featured all along the walls of our space. Event images, press features, and our top Instagram photos adorn the walls as visual representations of why we work so hard every day. It’s a constant reminder that what you put into an event is what you get out of it. From our pink modern chairs in our reception area, to the hand painted succulent on the wall of the conference room, the B Floral brand echoes throughout the walls of the office. This process also inspired us to go beyond our own brand to incorporate some of our other favorite design elements such as our boho-chic lounge area rug and our sleek full length mirror near the office coat closet. Cubicles and desks are decorated with succulents, dried flowers, and anything floral themed you could think of! It truly feels like a jungle oasis at times.

B Floral is fortunate to be structured in a way that is unique to the industry; our corporate events team is combined and works side-by-side with our production team. When you work with us, you get a full service agency who will handle your event from start to finish. You may be contacted by our sales team, in which it was perfect timing because you need help with an upcoming installation. You will then work with our event coordinators and designers who will work with you to cultivate a vision from scratch. Our logistics team will handle everything from load-in to load-out. Finally, our marketing team will celebrate how extraordinary it was to work with you and feature your brand across our social media platforms! From first sketch to final look, we’re with you every step of the way.

The New Vibe

We have multiple community spaces throughout the office, allowing coordinators and designers to have the option to work side by side. It ensures there’s no disconnect between creative and corporate sides of the events that we produce. With such an intimate network in-house, it keeps our office fun and lively. It’s a bright open space with infectious energy and personality. The open floor plan of the office allows for the ease of bouncing thoughts and ideas off one another. There is never a dull moment.

When you work hard, you have the opportunity to play hard, and we do just that. To reward ourselves for the consistent hard work we put in every day, you can spot us playing with B Floral branded corn hole and ping pong during our happy hours on Fridays! Diversity of thought is encouraged throughout the office with elements such as our community library and internal monthly newsletter bulletin board. Recipes are posted and local events are shared, so our office becomes more than just a place to sit at a computer: it becomes a community.

The Future

It was essential for Bronwen Smith, B Floral’s owner and lead designer, to find a space that could keep up with our growth and potential throughout the coming years. We work with our clients one on one to bring visions and brands to life daily. It’s a fast-paced environment where we need all the space we can get! With our new office, comes new capabilities and adventures! Contact us today to see how we can illuminate your brand in a way never before thought possible, and we’ll make the whole thing happen from our swanky new office!