Design Tips for Summer Spirit Brand Events

Design Tips for Summer Spirit Brand Events

There’s nothing more refreshing than a cool cocktail on a hot summer day. It’s no surprise that top spirit brands release their latest products throughout the summer to entice guests to sip all season long. Whether a brand is hosting a product launch or showcasing an activation at a music festival, an event must feature design elements distinct to the brand and its product.

In a crowded industry filled with thousands of similar products, it’s a necessity to set each brand apart from its competitors. Read on for top tips on how to transform any spirit brand event this summer!

Branded Walls with a Twist

Ketel One Botanical Wall

Take a traditional flower wall and add a splash of out-of-the-box accents to create a moment guests will be photographing all event long. There are many ways to enhance a branded wall, but for spirit brands, the ability to incorporate elements found within a product into a wall allows for one of a kind designs.

 Ketel One was planning a launch event for their Ketel One Botanical collection and was looking for a branded wall to become a focal point of the space. Our team designed a wall that incorporated fruits found within the flavors of the new products. We added oranges, peaches and grapefruits alongside blooms and greenery to create an eye-catching backdrop that was featured all over Instagram

If you want to take a branded wall to the next level, go beyond a traditional wall and use elements such as customized hedges to make a statement. Smirnoff launched their new Zero Sugar Infusions line and wanted to display the fact that the products had zero sugar. Our team fabricated a faux hedge that featured the shape of the number ”0” to further promote a noteworthy aspect of the products.

Another way to highlight a brand and product is to feature logos or hashtags associated with the product on a wall. Not only will branding be in every shot taken and posted online, but adding a hashtag is a great way for guests to easily search for other photos taken at your event.


Location, Location, Location

Ketel One Botanical Cart

A summer spirit event’s venue has a strong impact on the design and functionality of an event. One of the most popular event venues in the summer is a rooftop, allowing guests to enjoy the outdoors in the middle of the city. Even more specific to a spirit brand event, who doesn’t love drinking a cocktail outdoors? Beachside events and music festivals are other locations to take advantage of the surroundings while designing an event.

Ketel One Botantical Hanging Installation

Ketel One is a brand that continuously strives to execute events that showcase its products in a truly unique way. Two of our favorite events we worked on for the brand’s Ketel One Botanical collection are great examples of how venues and locations shape the design of an event. We adorned carts that served as a bar with garlands composed of flowers, greenery and fruits for an outdoor event in the Hamptons. The bar cart was the perfect way to display and sample cocktails in an outdoor setting.

Another event we worked on with the brand for the same product was a rooftop launch. One main aspect of our design was a hanging installation framing one of the main bars for the event. Utilizing the existing structure in the venue, we conceptualized a hanging element, which drew guests’ attention to the bar.


Storytelling Through Design

Belvedere Rye Installation

Do you know the story behind a product? There may be more than meets the eye. When it comes to spirits, you may not know their history, but there are interesting aspects of these products that a brand can teach to guests and consumers at an event.

 Belvedere Vodka released a new product and wanted to share the story behind the spirt. The Belvedere Single Rye Estate Series showcase at Bar Convent in Brooklyn included a total venue transformation. It told the story behind the production of the spirit. Both vodkas in the series are produced in two forest regions of Poland, where the rye used to distill the spirits is cultivated. We transformed the venue using a variety of greenery and trees to give it a forest feel. We also incorporated rye into various areas of the venue as a nod to its celebrated ingredient.  

Belvedere Vodka Forest Install

Impress guests all summer long with elevated spirit brand events. As you plan an event, there’s a balance to achieve between showcasing a product and creating a memorable atmosphere. Whether you create a branded wall with real fruits featured in a spirit, or transform an outdoor venue into a branded paradise, each event should speak to a brand’s message and what’s unique about the spirit being highlighted. Most importantly, at any spirit brand event, guests should be sippin’ all night long (and long after). Contact B Floral today to impress guests at your next event.