4 Activation Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Next Event

4 Activation Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Next Event

Launch a product by including a memorable experience that guests are sure to remember. Event activations are inviting and interactive ways to showcase a new product while creatively engaging with guests. A personalized experience will leave a lasting impression and separate a brand from its competitors. From bouquet bars to photo booths, incorporate an activation that aligns with your brand, your product and your message.

Check out 4 event activation ideas to include at an upcoming event below! 

Flower Arranging Class


A flower arranging class is a hands-on activity allowing guests to engage with one another and a brand. If you’re looking for a way to interact with guests, a flower arranging class is the perfect opportunity to entertain while also providing a space to discuss your brand or a new product.

While setting up the class, choose flowers and vases in a brand’s signature color(s) to add a cohesive feel to the event. Expert instructors will oversee the class as guests arrange the flowers themselves. It’s a creative yet informal activity that guests of any age or industry will enjoy. Attendees who take the arrangements home will have a lasting reminder of your event and brand.


Make Your Own Bouquet Bar


A fresh floral bouquet bar is not only an interactive activation, but can complement other aspects of an event to heighten the experience. You can choose to “brand” the bar with florals in hues aligning with a company's branding. The wrapping paper and ribbon used to tie the bouquet together can include a logo or event hashtag.

Stock the bouquet bar with a variety of flower types so guests have enough choices to create a custom bouquet to fit their style. For a seamless event, staff the bar with expert designers who will style the flowers attendees choose. After guests bring the flowers home, they’ll associate the bouquet with your event for days to come.


Photo Booth Installation


In 2018, due to the constant presence of social media, it’s essential that any successful event feature a photo moment to engage guests. Including an element such as a photo booth allows guests time to interact with one another while spreading brand awareness through sharing images on social media. With this in mind, a standout photo booth backdrop is important in drawing guests to the booth.

If you want to make an impact with a backdrop, fresh flowers and greenery will capture attendees’ attention. To further incorporate branding into the space, attach a logo to the backdrop, so your brand will be featured in each image guests take home and share via social media.


Branded Cart


Highlight your brand and product at a variety of events by using a branded cart. Portable and customizable — a cart will afford you the flexibility to bring an experience to multiple locations without incurring extra costs over time. Whether you’re showcasing your brand at a music festival, pop-up shop or convention, an elevated cart will help your brand stick out from the rest.  

To enhance a cart, adorn it with flowers, greenery and fruits to reflect your brand and product. The cart will easily display products in an out-of-the-box way, which will entice and encourage attendees to learn more. If you’re representing a liquor or food brand, the cart is the perfect vehicle to hand out free samples and receive valuable feedback on your product.


Event activations will turn a simplistic product launch or press event into an interactive experience. Hands-on activations such as flower arranging classes and make your own bouquet bars will entertain guests and set your event apart from those hosted by competitors. Brand awareness is so important in a cluttered market, so the ability to share event images via social media is key. Let your brand shine by including a memorable activation at an upcoming event!