Branded Bars & Carts for Spring Events
Callie BowenComment

Branded Bars & Carts for Spring Events

With spring’s approach just on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about outdoor events and all of the magic that comes along with them! While attending an event in any season, guests should be completely immersed in a whole new world. At springtime events such as trade shows, fairs and festivals, it can be hard to maximize space when your location is tucked into a small area. A branded bar or cart is a great way to immerse guests in an event with limited space. They completely transform your footprint and engage with your brand in a unique way. Bars and carts take an aspect of your event that is functional and transforms it into a part of your event design. Don’t settle for plain, non-decorated bars and carts. Take these elements and your overall branding to the next level by using some tips and ideas that we’ve outlined below.



The first step when creating a branded bar is to incorporate your brand’s logo. If you already have a logo that uses multiple colors and unique patterns, you can simply place the logo on your bar. It will draw the attention of your guests, and it utilizes what may have been otherwise wasted white space.

From there, you can elevate your branded bar design. Incorporating florals in a branded bar can make your event more stimulating and lively. Rather than just standing in front of the bar, your guests will want to engage with it—turning the bar into an “Instagrammable” moment!

If you’re looking for something other than just florals, an alternating floral and painted wood design is the perfect combination for an elegant springtime party. All elements of your event’s design should be purposeful and functioning, including your bar.


Regardless of where you’re dispersing products from, your brand should always be on the forefront of each guest’s mind. A branded cart can be just as effective as a branded bar at any event. Use a refreshing and cheerful piece for your cart that is non-traditional and unique. Guests will certainly wish to engage with the cart—ensuring social media overload of your event. For example, using a bicycle cart is an adorable way to disperse your product, whether it’s inside or outside!

With branded carts, it’s all about the details! Your guests will be interacting with this element up close and personal, so you’ll want to give them something to ‘ooh and ahh’ at, in every corner. Incorporate specific elements of the brand you’re advertising to make all of your décor cohesive.

When using a branded cart, it can be fun to surprise guests with something totally unexpected! An over-the-top balloon arch will make the jaws of your guests drop, and definitely get them to pop out their phones and snap a pic. Placing a grand balloon arch in front or over top of a white space is a great contrast that will make everyone go wide-eyed.

When it comes to incorporating bars and carts into your event design, it’s important to remember the brand. It can be fun to add countless flowers and mesmerizing displays, but the important thing is for your guests to be WOW-ed by the sophistication your brand maintains. Using branded bars and carts at any of your events is a definitive way to show all of the potential that your brand holds!