Swing into Spring at Your Next Event
Callie BowenComment

Swing into Spring at Your Next Event

Spring is just around the corner, and we’re celebrating with one of our favorite design pieces. A well-designed swing is an interactive moment that guests will rave about and post all over social media. There are limitless element combinations and you can incorporate your brand into the design. Whether it’s a unique interactive experience or your main photo moment, it’s the perfect way to swing into your next event. Inside or outside, a well designed swing will definitely make a statement! Check out some of our favorite swing ideas below:

For a NYFW book launch event, rewardStyle asked us to make a swing which would swing their event to the next level. They held a release party for their newest coffee table book about influencers, so the event had to be influencer and Instagram-worthy! Their team needed a photo moment that guests couldn’t resist: floral heavy and very whimsical. We decided to go with a bench-wrapped swing. We used large amounts of greenery for this swing and kept the focus on the moody black and burgundy color scheme, but still incorporated small accents of white and blush pink. The influencers loved the event - it was definitely a swing to remember!

This swing moment was created for the Power Mom Summit presented by Loacker. This swing acted as a photo moment, but also represented the brand and this fabulous meeting of maternal minds. The flowers and greenery for this swing focused on a red, orange and yellow color scheme! It was an overflowing swing that was pleasant and lively: the perfect backdrop for moms and kiddos alike!


At the USA Today Wine & Food Experience, LaCroix Water invited us to create a swing that would encapsulate their brand and provide a fun interactive photo moment for their guests.  We used a two-person white swing that had a delicate charm to it. Around the frame of the swing we added greenery, fresh florals and fruits that represented the brand and its flavors. All of the fruit elements found on the swing can be seen within different LaCroix products, fully immersing guests in the LaCroix brand. We used flowers that matched the citrus vibes of the fruits, providing a cohesive look to the swing as a whole.

We placed the swing in front of a solid light pink backdrop to tie the entire moment together! Combined with a branded bar, this swing transported guests to a cheerful, citrus-filled oasis!


This is the perfect example of how to use a swing to celebrate springtime weather. It’s super playful and is the perfect setting for an extravagant photo moment. This swing hangs from a tree and we added the purple and white florals to enhance its sense of whimsy. Flowers on the swing, next to the swing and below the swing create a full environment, rather than just one single photo moment. Overall, this is a secret garden escape and can make your guests feel like the royalty that they are.


Whether your swing is acting as a stand alone photo opportunity, or just a way for guests to have fun, it is guaranteed to provide an “Instagrammable” moment at your event. Swings can be inside or outside, and act as a focal point for any size occasion. Use a swing to enhance your brand and tell a story to your guests. All aspects of an event’s design should tell a story and have a purpose. Use this design aspect to swing into the next chapter of your brand’s story!