Product Display Tips to Elevate Any Launch Event
Bridget MurrayComment

Product Display Tips to Elevate Any Launch Event

Top brands recognize the importance of making a splash with impressive product launches. The ability to successfully convey the message behind your product is imperative in creating massive buzz. Drawing in journalists and industry execs alike will better increase the chance your product will be a success with consumers. How you display a product is an important aspect of any launch. To make a statement, go outside-the-box and create displays that will make an impact with guests far after the event has ended.

 Read ahead for tips and inspiration on how to transform your product launch using elevated displays!


Incorporate Non-Floral Elements

Skinsei Pink Salt Product Display- B Floral

Amplify a product by pairing it with unique non-floral elements. Start by breaking down the essence of a product and decide which items can be used as accents to enhance a product.

Our team worked with Edelman and skincare company Skinsei to create a variety of product displays highlighting how the brand’s products relieve skin from the harsh impacts of certain environments and elements. We used a pink Himalayan salt crystal along with a sleep mask and ear plugs to showcase how sleep is essential to healthy skin. We also created displays using running sneakers, weights, sunglasses and visors.


Utilize Whimsical Bell Jars

TIMEX Watch Product Disply- B Floral

Looking for a one of a kind component to a display? Bell jars are simple yet playful vessels to showcase your product. Place the product inside the bell jar alongside delicate accents to create an eye-catching display.

Timex was looking for a unique way to highlight their product for a launch dinner produced by Bratskeir & Company. We put a twist on a traditional table runner by substituting flower arrangements for product displays. Instead of a single display set on a pedestal, we created multiple displays lining a dining table so guests could easily view a variety of pieces from their new collection.


Enhance Your Display With Fruit

Absolut Juice Apple Installation- B Floral

Want to add something sweet to your product display? Incorporate fresh and/or faux fruits to your creation for color, texture and visual appeal.

 We helped Pernod Ricard curate product displays for the launch of Absolut’s new Absolut Juice line. The strawberry and apple flavors of the spirits created the perfect opportunity to use fruits. We used high-end faux fruit to highlight the specific fruits found within each bottle. Using faux fruit allowed us to place cut slices and pieces in the displays without worry of them spoiling.


Floral Accents Will Make an Impact

KISS Products Floral Product Display- B Floral

One can never go wrong with florals. With the wide variety of colors, textures and sizes, flowers are the perfect addition to enhance a product.

 With KISS Products unveiling their new line for 2019 with the help of Bratskeir & Company, we knew we had to make the various display areas pop with colorful florals. We coordinated the hues found in the featured nail products with the floral accents to make a cohesive space. A mantle covered in greenery and fresh flowers as well as pots of bold orchids turned the displays into focal points of the event.


Product displays that speak to both your brand and product will increase brand awareness and encourage guests to learn more. Focus on elements such as non-floral accents, unique vessels like bell jars, fruits and fresh flowers. Set your product display apart from competitors and make the ultimate impression on guests!