Disney Princesses as B Floral Flower Palettes

Disney Princesses as B Floral Flower Palettes

At B Floral, we choose to make our clients feel like royalty. From first sketch to final look, you work directly with our team to bring your brand’s vision to life. We’re with you side by side throughout the whole process, and we’re here to make you feel like the prince or princess you truly are! There’s no better way to do that than remembering where the basics of jeweled crowns, noble steeds, and determined heroines come from: Disney Princesses. The Disney Princesses are a class of their own. They represent intelligence, bravery, curiosity, kindness, adventure, sass, and femininity. In honor of National Princess Day on November 18th, we decided to honor the Disney Princesses in our own, B Floral way. We turned them into flourishing flower palettes! Using only florals from past B Floral events, installations, and activations, we brought all of your favorite Disney princesses to life with the help of Mother Nature. Check them out below and see what fabulous florals were bestowed upon your favorite princess.


For Ariel, it seemed most fitting to use some pops of red and purple for her vibrant hair and clam shell bra. We used classic red roses and blue spray roses to find the perfect color combination. We tied in a close up of some handmade paper leaves from a Ted Baker product display to represent her tail. We think Flounder would definitely approve. #mermaidprincess


Aurora has a more classic feel to her. We used yellow Oncidium orchids and multiple pinks to display her delicate, rested soul. The pinks were pulled from pink anthurium and pink roses that were featured in some favorite arrangements of ours. Whether it’s bud vases in an elongating tablescape or close ups in a princess color palette, pink never goes out of style.


Jasmine needed a palette that was going to match her feisty attitude. We went with florals that were blue, black, and tan to match her ensemble. The deep, vibrant blues were selected from an arrangement that matched her royal two-piece perfectly. Black calla lilies coordinated with her long bouncy hair, and painted dried tropical leaves pulled the color from her necklace and earrings. She was one jump ahead of the rest of the princesses with this ensemble!


Rapunzel needed complementary colors of purple, pink, and cream for her design. We had to have something that would match ALL of that hair! We did just that with perfectly blonde handmade paper fans used in a geometric dome activation of ours. The purples and pinks were pulled from painted palm leaves and painted succulents. The palm leaves came from a branded wall that we had done in the past and the succulents came from our real, fresh floral accessories.


Belle means beauty, which in the flower industry translates to roses! We picked classic red roses to match the iconic symbol of “Beauty and the Beast.” For her full yellow gown, we chose Oncidium orchids that were from a grand bar arrangement of ours. We also added some brown via a “bird’s nest” and an acorn to represent her luscious locks. Belle is welcome to be a guest in our office any time she likes!


Yellows and blues bring together the full Cinderella look. Yellow Oncidium orchids and blues of orchids and Astilbe combine to create the perfect palette for this classic princess. Her fairy godmother could never with this color selection! The glass vase that all these flowers rest in would clearly represent her famous slipper. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Booyah!


Merida needed some greenery and orange to match her determined, rebel ways. We used green Philodendron Hope Selloum and other greenery with string lights to pair with her dress and bow and arrow set. For orange, we pulled Mokara orchids to match her full head of hair! Obviously all of her florals would be arranged next to a bow and arrow set to really pull her look together.


Hanging green amaranthus from a past tablescape of ours, a cute small succulent from a product display and cream peonies and roses from a client gift completed the look for Tiana. It’s a simple, yet elegant color scheme that suits her beautifully. Her arrangement would need to be as full as her dress so it would take a lot of designers all working together to puff that bad boy up, but we are ready to crown that queen!


We used multiple elements for Pocahontas’ design. The use of yellows and tans was the main part of her look. We pulled yellow Solidago from a taxi flower bomb and painted dried tropical leaves from a festival activation to match the bulk of her tan outfit. We pulled a vibrant blue Gerbera daisy to match her necklace and black calla lilies to pair with her wind-swept hair. Overall, we loved pulling picks from all over the flower spectrum to match the colors of her wind.


Mulan’s design would classify her as a combo queen. Black calla lilies were used to represent her sleek black hair. Handmade green paper leaves, stunning blue spray roses, and cream peonies and roses all combined to pull together the rest of her ensemble. This particular palette brings honor to all of us here at B Floral.

Snow White

Snow White’s look focused on yellows and blues to match the two main colors of her iconic dress. We pulled blue hydrangea, yellow roses, and yellow Oncidium orchids to fully emulate the vibe of her dress. We also tied in classic red roses to associate with the accent color of her outfit. The final touch on her look were the black calla lilies to pair with her short, stylish bob. Her overall look is one that everyone recognizes so we made sure to represent it well.


Last, but certainly not least! With Elsa’s design, we focused on light, icy blues to represent her dress and a hint of white to match her icy hair. Blues were brought in from orchids and hydrangeas featured in photo moments and archways. White feathers and Phalaenopsis orchids from instagrammable moments and branded walls brought all of the whites together. When she sees her floral design, she’ll want to do anything but let it go!

These classic Disney princesses inspire us everyday to give our clients the royal treatment. To be a princess, you need to cultivate poise and elegance within yourself. You must move with a regal gait and never be at a loss for words. Although we don’t play an instrument like most Disney princesses, we believe we’re just as charming! The Disney Princesses are roses that are always in bloom, and they have taught us to act just as such!

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