How to Transform a Space Using Event Installations
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How to Transform a Space Using Event Installations


Attending an event should be a fully designed and carefully curated experience, not just a simple gathering of guests. Whether the purpose of the event is discovering a new product or celebrating a life milestone, you always have the capability to take it above and beyond. If you’re looking to elevate a standard event and leave a lasting impression, immerse guests completely within a space. Invite them into an environment like they’ve never seen before. An event installation is the perfect vehicle to both engage guests and add to the transformation of a venue. Read ahead for different ways to transform a space using installations and how they’re instrumental to creating a memorable event!

Transforming a venue is no easy adventure. That is why our team has found it so essential to utilize specific installations when transforming a venue. Rather than looking at your venue as one whole blank canvas, compartmentalize your venue and decide how you want to use each specific section to the best of your advantage. Be intentional with your design and maximize how you’re going to use each section to fully embrace and emulate your brand or product. Installations are moments that can work on their own, but they also operate very successfully as a cohesive whole when designed in the right way.

Winter Walkway- B Floral

Custom On Theme Design

Utilize a custom on theme design at your next event to illuminate your brand and bring your product to life in new ways. A unique design that is specific to your brand and product will showcase details and give guests a reason to talk about your event far past it’s end time.  When choosing a theme for your event, embrace one that will represent what you want to say about your brand or product. Every aspect of your event design should be intentional, so use your theme to make a statement.

Functional Design

One of the most important aspects of transforming a space is to create a design that is not only customized and on-theme, but functional. Guests should be able to flow freely within your venue without feeling confined. You can create installations that both make a statement and fit a space effortlessly. A specific event installation such as an arched walkway becomes an immersive photo moment and also keeps guests moving throughout your venue. Use your installations to seamlessly direct guests throughout a space, guiding them through the whole experience without being abrasive.

Use Existing Structural Elements

Take advantage of existing structural elements and plain walls to create eye-catching installations. Adding free-flowing greenery to blank walls or overflowing flowers to columns are just some of the ways to create installations that still make an impact without taking up too much space. Installations on pre-structured elements and walls are an easy way to provide a photo moment for guests while allowing room for attendees to enjoy your event without feeling cramped.

Flowing Greenery On Exposed Brick- B Floral

Event Installations in Small Spaces

In New York City, it can be hard to find a venue that is as large as you may have wished for in your early event planning stages. If you’re working in a small space, don’t let that deter you from going over the top with your overarching event design. Event installations can be used to make an impact, regardless of venue size and style. Additionally, events such as trade shows or festivals often do not provide brands with much of a footprint. No matter what your venue is, whether it’s big, small, narrow, or wide, enhance your venue transformation with mindful and purposeful design.

Installation Examples

When it comes to event installations used in venue transformation, the possibilities are endless. A combination of installations can be used to create a cohesive and impactful event that guests will not want to stop talking about. Utilize a single unique photo moment adorned with flowers to give guests a memento to take home to remind them of the event. Involve guests with a branded cart that is used to disperse product on a hot summer day. Provide a swing that is embellished with a floral garland to give guests a chance to relax and take a selfie of themselves engaging with your brand. Give your guests an oversized real-life item as a prop to unwind and play with while snapping a pic for the gram. There are countless event installation examples of how you can impress guests all while maximizing the space of your venue. Incorporate logos and/or hashtags to create an Instagram-worthy installation that will entice guests far and wide and encourage engagement with your brand even after your event is over.


Saje Wellness Branded Booth- B Floral
LaCroix Swing And Booth Installation- B Floral

Remember the Basic Elements

To completely transform a venue, you must elevate all aspects of your event, even the most basic elements. From the bar to the bathroom, every area of the space must cohesively align to bring the theme to life. Lounges and seating areas, for example, are necessities for any event, but they are often an afterthought and not much focus goes into them. Have them become a highlight of your event. Make them functional, but also aesthetically intriguing. Build lounge and seating installations using florals and non-floral elements that will draw attention to certain areas of the room. Direct guests on where to relax with visual cues and appealing vignettes. Strategically arrange chairs and couches within the meticulously designed areas to create a “natural” photo moment. Guests will naturally congregate in the more visually appealing areas, in order to feel truly immersed. Inspire them to relax and snap images with their friends, all while doing it in the style of your brand.

Seated Photo Moment- B Floral
Fall Lounge Installation- B Floral

Atmosphere is Key to Any Event

Event installations contribute to the overall aesthetic of a venue, but they also create interactive moments for guests with opportunities for photo moments, brand engagement and so much more. Atmosphere is key to delivering a memorable experience for guests. When planning your event, keep design, floor plan and theme in the front of your mind. You’ll want to effectively determine how these elements will combine to create the perfect installations to transform your venue. Custom and personalized event installations are essential to completely transforming your venue and making it an amazing photo-worthy experience.

Transform a Space with B Floral Installations

When it comes to venue transformations, we are the experts here at B Floral. From first sketch to final look, our team will work with you on every step of the process to create stunning installations that will sweep guests off their feet. We have experience in industries across the board; From pharmaceuticals to entertainment and beauty to liquor, we have worked with countless brands over the years, developing sensational and immersive event designs. Contact us today to learn how B Floral can help bring your brand to life with your next event venue transformation.