How to Transform a Space Using Event Installations
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How to Transform a Space Using Event Installations


Attending an event should be an experience, not a simple gathering of guests discovering a new product or celebrating a life milestone. If you’re looking to elevate a standard event and leave a lasting impression, immerse guests completely within a space; inviting them into a carefully curated environment. An event installation is the perfect vehicle to both engage guests and add to the transformation of a venue. Read ahead for different ways to transform a space using installations and how they’re instrumental to creating a memorable event!

Winter Walkway- B Floral

One of the most important aspects of transforming a space is to create a design that is not only customized and on-theme, but functional. Guests should be able to flow freely within your venue without feeling confined. You can create installations that both make a statement and fit a space effortlessly. A specific event installation such as an arched walkway becomes an immersive photo moment and also keeps guests moving throughout your venue.

You can also take advantage of existing structural elements and plain walls to create eye-catching installations. Adding free-flowing greenery to blank walls or overflowing flowers to columns are easy ways to create installations while allowing room for attendees to enjoy your event.

Flowing Greenery On Exposed Brick- B Floral

If you’re working in a small space, event installations can be used to make an impact, regardless of venue size. Events such as trade shows or festivals often do not provide brands with much of a footprint, so it’s important to be mindful and purposeful with design.

A single unique photo moment adorned with flowers or a branded cart used to disperse product are examples of how you can impress guests while saving space. Incorporate logos and/or hashtags to create an Instagram-worthy installation that will entice guests.


Saje Wellness Branded Booth- B Floral
LaCroix Swing And Booth Installation- B Floral

To completely transform a venue, you must elevate even the most basic elements. From the bar to the bathroom, every area of the space must cohesively align to bring the theme to life. Lounges and seating areas, for example, are necessities but they can become a highlight of your event. Build installations using florals and non-floral elements that will draw attention to certain areas of the room. Stage chairs and couches within the area to create a “natural ” photo moment where guests can relax and snap images with their friends.

Seated Photo Moment- B Floral
Fall Lounge Installation- B Floral

Atmosphere is key to delivering a memorable experience for guests. Event installations contribute to the aesthetic of a venue, but also create interactive moments for guests with opportunities for photo moments. Keep in mind design, floor plan and theme while creating the perfect installations for your venue. A photo-worthy event isn’t complete without a personalized event installation!