The Best Florals to Use This Fall

The Best Florals to Use This Fall

As a new season rolls around new blooms come back into the picture! The flower market is filled with different colors and florals to complement the changing weather. Fall flowers can be darker and heartier than most florals used in spring and summer. Florals are a fun addition to the home that are an ever-changing decoration! Get your home and event space fall-ready by incorporating this season's best blooms.


Dahlias are a fun floral for the fall season. They come in many different varieties and sizes. This type of flower can be found in many colors which makes it convenient to use in customized event arrangements. A popular type of Dahlia is the honeycomb dahlia which has extremely tight petals that mimic a honeycomb! Dahlias are only around in the fall so take advantage of their availability by utilizing them throughout the season.


Celosia and sedum are two other florals that fit into the seasonal blooms category for fall! Sedum will only bloom in the fall but it is such a tough and hearty flower that it can make it from one season to the next. Celosia is a floral that is going to add a lot of texture to your arrangement and give it a lot of creative dimension. Both of these flowers can be mixed with a combination of other florals. Allow these floral varieties to 'shine' by adding them into an arrangement filled with simple greenery.


Ranunculuses are a popular flower that you will see in many arrangements. Although they will start to pop back up towards the end of the fall they are the most abundant in the winter and spring seasons. They have a delicate look to them but last for a long time and they can also come variegated in color. Ranunculuses come in an assortment of colors and are easy to incorporate into a variety of different arrangements. 


Fall is known for the time when the darker hues will come into play. While you are planning your events and incorporating those seasonal jewel tones into your space, make sure to include a signature color that will stand out. Incorporating florals into your home or into your event decor will elevate your space while creating a lasting impression.