Color Series: Top Floral Colors for Fall 2017

Color Series: Top Floral Colors for Fall 2017

Fall brings along cool weather, but it also introduces warm, rich tones into the world of floral design. Whether you're creating an arrangement for an autumn gala or need a touch of color in your home, it's important to stick to a color palette that evokes the essence of the season. Our design team at B Floral has compiled a list of 3 of the top floral colors for fall 2017- burgundy, plum and white.

Learn more about these on-trend colors and find out how to incorporate them into your next event or favorite area in your home



A quintessential fall hue- burgundy is a deep shade of red with notes of purple. Florals found in this color are sure to transform any room this season.

Burgundy flowers are perfect to use in a wide range of settings. You can create centerpieces, bud vases or cocktail arrangements in this hue to add a powerful fall feel to your space. Reach for roses, calla lilies and anemoes to complete a fall-inspired look.


Autumn Maple


Autumn Maple is a warm hue that meets somewhere between red and orange. This color reminds us of the magical fall foliage found throughout Central Park this time of year.

To create the signature fall feel, use florals found in autumn maple throughout your tablescape and living room. Regardless of occasion, turn to florals such as cockscomb, orchids, calla lilies and roses to create a lively atmosphere.




A classic go-to color, white florals add a sense of sophistication to your event. One may associate white with the winter season, but fall trends point otherwise this year. 

Crisp, white florals are a staple in any modern arrangement. From flower walls to bud vases, use white flowers to create a sleek and inviting space certain to make a memorable first impression. Be sure to incorporate flowers such as orchids, dahlias, calla lilies and roses into your arrangements this fall.


If you want to embrace the best design elements of fall, elevate your events this season with on-trend colors. Burgundy, autumn maple and white are versatile shades that encompass the feel of fall regardless of style or type of event.