Terrific Tips for Young Women in the Workforce

Terrific Tips for Young Women in the Workforce

Whether you’re not sure how to make your voice heard in the office, your inbox is overloaded with 100+ emails that you have to get through by noon, or your heel broke on the walk to work, navigating the workforce as a woman can be challenging at times. B Floral is known for its stunning floral and event designs, impeccable detail-oriented focus, and high end customer service, but we wouldn’t have such a reputation without the enthusiastic and passionate women who are the foundation of this company.

Some of the fabulous women behind B Floral + attendees of the B Floral Circus Soirée media event

Some of the fabulous women behind B Floral + attendees of the B Floral Circus Soirée media event

We know it can be tough out there. That’s why we decided to ask the brilliant babes of B Floral what advice they may have for young working females maneuvering today’s professional sphere and share it with you. Check out their tips and tricks below:

Keep a positive attitude and be open to any and every task. Coming into an internship or new role, it’s important to take everything in and learn as much as you can. Not only will you learn more about the company/industry, but you will also learn more about yourself and your goals.

Kayla Jones, Marketing and Events Assistant

Lead from all levels: You have the ability to make an impact no matter your level in the company. Always take ownership of your work and never be afraid to present your ideas.

Callie Anderson, Design Administration


“Always take a stab at answering your own questions! If you are looking to your boss or coworkers for help on how to handle a situation, start by sending a draft of what your instinct would be, and ask for feedback. By giving them a starting point to work from, It makes it easier to help you – and shows your thought process as well as your willingness to do the leg work!”

-Kacey Ziegler, Sales and Events Coordinator


As a sales professional, cold calling can be very daunting. Just remember, it’s only a human on the other side of the line! Treat them like the individual they are and you’re more likely to receive a positive response.

Katy DiMenna, Account Executive

Don’t be intimidated if you don’t know exactly the job path you want to take. Spend time taking risks and learning about fields that interest you. When I took a job at a retail floral shop about ten years ago, I would have never guessed I would be in the position I am today.

Jennifer Broder, Vice President


“Smartphones will make sure that you are never bored. Never being bored will make it more difficult to find your creative passion. Lack of passion will make you boring.”

-Leha Edwards, Event Design Assistant


My biggest piece of advice is to always stay connected with the people that you meet. I don’t necessarily love the word “networking” but it really is vital to a career. It’s amazing how many jobs and opportunities that I’ve had that have come from people that I met along the path of my career.

Claudia Kiss, VP of Marketing and Public Relations


“Something I wish I knew at the beginning of my career is that you don’t have to figure it all out at once. Many times I think we are pressured to believe that we have to find the “dream job” right away. I spent the first few years of my career in positions where I would think “ I couldn’t imagine doing this in five years, ten years, forever.” It’s important to remember you are the only one in control of your own happiness. It’s about realizing your strengths and your weaknesses, your passions and your goals before you can truly discover what that dream job even looks like. And when you find it, it makes sense.”

-Stefanie Zorn, Event Design Coordinator

Wake up, Kick Ass, Repeat.

Jess Cusick, Director of Design

So if it ever feels like it’s you against the world, remember that you have these strong ladies and all the women of B Floral behind you. It’s like Bronwen, the company’s owner and lead designer says, “At B Floral, we help you B Yourself.” Petal to the metal and get that new job or promotion, and do it with your own style. We’re all rooting for you! #girlpower