Fall Flowers & Autumn Decor

Fall Flowers & Autumn Decor

Autumn is finally here and although peonies have made their way out of season, we’re beyond excited for fall wildflowers like dahlias, mums, sunflowers, and celosia to take their place. Arrangements and decor in the fall gets fun because there are so many different elements that you can incorporate to capture “autumn” vibes other than just flowers. Here’s our take on some fall decor ideas to try out this season!

Take Advantage of Autumn’s Wildflowers

Stick to autumn’s traditional color palette with Fall’s wildflowers. When autumn comes around, the flowers that our designers love to use include mums, speckled echinacea, cockscomb celosia, plumose celosia, globe amaranth, and strawflower.


If you’re looking for a taller centerpiece or side table look, Delphiniums are great flowers for this. They’re a fall wildflower and can grow up to 6 feet in height!

Incorporate Maple Leaves Into Your Decor

Incorporate maple leaves into your arrangement for some major  fall vibes. We kept it pretty in pastel with this arrangement but threw in some dyed maple leaves.


If you’re looking for a fun and different table scape idea, go with a deconstructed look. To achieve this look you can use multiple bud and regular sized vases. Use one to three stems in each vase to keep it clean. For this look we would also suggest using vases of different heights!

Simply Chic Style: Monochrome

Try out a monochrome styled centerpiece or arrangement to keep a “cleaner look” and do so with fall colors, using different tones and hues. This style tactic is also easier to decorate with as it’s not as busy as some other centerpiece/decor ideas.

For this fall, we decorated City of Saint Coffee Roaster’s 42nd street location with a bronze monochrome design style.


We also created this chic monochrome styled table scape, mainly using gold and rose gold painted pumpkins with matching multi-heighted mantles. This deconstructed table scape style is fun to play around with because you’ll be able to incorporate a bunch of different elements to the whole look.


Incorporate a autumn inspired color palette

You can also keep it classic by utilizing autumn colors. For the fall, some colors we think of are red, maroon, yellow, orange, magenta, black, purple, black, and brown. We also like to think of more natural tones, and the idea of “bringing the outdoors indoors”.


A fun fall flower that will help your decor scream autumn are some bold Gerbera Daisies. These flowers come in bold, playful colors like yellow, red, orange, deep pink and white. Perfect for a fun fall arrangement!

Incorporate Succulents

via SimplyHappenstance.com

via SimplyHappenstance.com

Succulents are always a great go to for decor. Incorporating greenery into a space always promotes comfort for guests. Succulents are also simple to decorate with. For example, simply repot into a fun or elegant vase and set on a table. You can also get creative with them and make a succulent pumpkin centerpiece!