Must-Haves At Your Next Summer Get-Together

Must-Haves At Your Next Summer Get-Together

Nothing says summer like a great party! So why not go all out for your next summer bash, making it the most memorable experience of the summer. From some out-of-the-box decor ideas to cute and decorative pool floaties, make your next get-together one your guests will never forget. 

1.     An Over The Top Tablescape

Cascading outdoor floral tablescape - B Floral

Catch your guests attention at your next get-together or BBQ by putting together a picture perfect tablescape. You can either go super simple and chic or do something over the top and extravagant!

Go simple and chic by incorporating a monochrome style for your tablescape or party. Monochrome meaning having to relate to one color or different hues and shades derived from one color.

To achieve an extravagant table scape one option to consider is doing an overflowing tablescape.

You can also choose to incorporate a colorful table setting. This is easy to achieve as you can just purchase some colorful succulents and or plain succulents that you can repot into some fun, colorful pots. 

Whatever option you choose, you’re bound to set the mood at your party, as well as, wow your guests at the same time!

2.    Refreshments & Desserts

Picnic and cupcake tower - B Floral

Refreshments are a MUST at your next party. A refreshing, new vodka suggestion to add to your list is Ketel One’s Botanical flavors. These three new flavors make for the PERFECT summer cocktail; Peach & Orange Blossom, Cucumber & Mint, and Grapefruit & Rose. These new flavors are also carb free so guests can enjoy their cocktails, guilt-free!

A cupcake tower is the perfect party dessert to satisfy your guest's sweet tooth. Cupcakes are easier to "grab-and-go" and eliminate the hassle of cutting a cake piece by piece and serving. Also, cupcake towers can be added for aesthetics!

3. Pool Décor

Flower covered pool doughnut decor - B Floral
Summer decor - pink flamingo pool floaties - B Floral

Pool décor can help elevate your party. There are simple ways to spruce up your pool for your next get-together.

You can cut the stems off some nice flowers and fill your pool with some floating flowers, and maybe even throw in some candles to create a more intimate atmosphere for a nighttime party.

Another fun way to fill your pool space are with some fun floaties!

4. Table Numbers/Names

Tablescape - table number - B Floral
Name card - all white - B Floral

If you’re having a bigger party, more formal party, seating arrangements are a MUST. This way you can better socially organize your guests.

5. Out-Of-The-Box Decor

Greenery Hanging Installation - B Floral
Intertwined flower garland chair - B Floral
Peach Ombre Balloon and Flower Arch - B Floral

Wow your guests with your party décor! Out of the box décor will also make for the perfect “Insta-Worthy” party, having it last well after the party’s end time.

Consider having a memorable photo moment at your party! Giving your guests the perfect opportunity for a photo-op maximizes the chances of them posting during and after your event.