Venue Transformation Tips That Will Make a Statement

Venue Transformation Tips That Will Make a Statement

While entering a blank venue for the first time, it may seem overwhelming to picture a full and vibrant event taking place in a space amidst of a sea of white. A captivating design is important in setting the mood for an event, regardless of theme or setting. The combination of colors and textures flowing throughout your venue will draw guests into the space as soon as they arrive.

Our design team at B Floral has the knowledge and experience to transform spaces from start to finish. If you're looking to turn a simple space into a fully realized event venue, continue ahead for tips, tricks and inspiration. 

Take Advantage of Structural Elements


Does your venue contain any structural features that can be incorporated into your design? Columns, beams and staircases — architectural elements found in your event spaces can become focal points with creative design and flawless execution. If you choose to enhance these features, look to adorn them with a mix of flowers, greenery and branches.

A column covered with overflowing branches and florals will make a statement while also bringing the feel of the outdoors into your space. An upside to utilizing and elevating architectural elements is that they'll add strong visual impact without taking up valuable surface space. Whether hung from a beam or wrapped around a banister, guests will not only take notice of these extravagant features, but they'll enjoy more room to mingle and celebrate.


Create Immersive Installations


No memorable gathering is complete without a unique interactive element. It's important to create spaces where guests can interact with each other and become completely immersed in your event. One way to achieve this is to create a variety of 'Instagrammable Moments' to encourage guests to take photos to share amongst friends or post across social media platforms. You can increase brand awareness in real time as guests post on social media by tagging relevant accounts and using event-specific hashtags.

Although each gathering will feature an installation aligned with their brand and event's theme, there are a few design elements that will make any installation stand out. A mix of colors within a similar color palette is essential to bringing an aesthetically cohesive look to an installation. Flowing florals and greenery scaling up a pre-made structure as well as bold and colorful chairs and couches placed in front of an installation will entice guests to pose and share photos.


Enhance Blank Wall Space 


Hosting an event in an indoor venue? Many spaces are full of unappealing white walls or tired exposed brick. You can easily utilize the abundance of blank space by incorporating florals and greenery. Depending on the aesthetic of an event, you can style and attach natural elements onto a wall in specific patterns to fit the theme. An event with a whimsical feel can feature a styling of greenery in a flowing pattern versus an event with a modern feel featuring a structured pattern.

Walls styled with florals and greenery will easily create a cohesive atmosphere. If you incorporate the same elements in other areas such as a bar or lounge, a statement wall will seamlessly tie the space together. It can also be used as the backdrop for a photo moment or dramatic background behind a bar.


Every successful event must take place in a curated and integrated space — transporting guests into an environment in sync with your brand and theme. Create an immersive venue by utilizing architectural elements, creating out-of-the-box installations and transforming blank wall space. Your brand will shine once guests walk into a transformed space and take part in a customized and elevated experience.

Check out a complete venue transformation executed by the B Floral team!