Floral Sightings Throughout the City

Floral Sightings Throughout the City

Living in the “Concrete Jungle,” or even just visiting Manhattan is fantastic. While we wouldn't have it any other way, being in New York can feel like you’re in a world of just brick and stone. If you’re anything like us at B Floral, you have a taste for natural beauty as well as a city lifestyle.

There are multiple locations throughout the city with beautiful floral sightings. Some are obvious, like Central Park, and some are a bit more low-key. You might not notice them in your daily haze of commuting across town. We have compiled some of our favorite spots to share with you:

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park is an attractive tourist destination. There are often live performances and an abundance of people socializing or lounging. The Washington Square Arch is gorgeous from a distance, and even better up close. Aside from man-made beauty, the park also has plenty of visually satisfying trees, and of course, flowers. Our favorite sighting in the park are these delicate astilbes:


Columbia University

One out of the eight Ivy League schools in the United States happens to be on the northern side of Manhattan. Columbia University was founded in 1754, and currently is home to some of the greatest minds in the world. While the architecture is breathtaking, there are also plenty of vibrant flowers to observe like these white azaleas, purple petunias and orange garden roses. 


Tompkins Square Park

Tompkins Square Park, located in the East Village, has a humble vibe as compared to other parks throughout the city. One of the perks of the park is the dog park, which can put a smile on almost anyone’s face! The park is also full of fantastic flowers, adding a fantastic visual appeal to the park. Here are some of our favorites we spotted here:


Greenwich Village

The heart of the West Village is more known it’s history. The Stonewall Riots, and a large portion of the LGBT rights movement was born in this corner of our city. There’s also some other beauty in between these streets: flowers. These red garden roses and purple azaleas that rest in the heart of the village are surrounded by a gate to protect them. Alongside the restaurants The Grey Dog are gorgeous and vibrant pink geraniums. 


Greenwich Village Waterfront

The Greenwich Village waterfront has multiple piers, and plenty to experience. From Pier 45, also known as Christopher Street Pier, one can see the Statue of Liberty and buildings from Jersey City. Besides the fantastic views of the ocean, the piers have New Yorkers lounging in the grass, people mid-workout, and a gorgeous display of pink garden roses.


Abington Square

While wandering through the village, one might stumble upon Abington Square. Here you can spot orange petunias and multiple gorgeous alliums. Surrounded by a variety of stores and restaurants, Abington Square is the perfect place to rest your feet in the middle of a hectic day.


While the reason people move to New York City generally isn't the parks or flowers, it's definitely great to take a moment and appreciate the smaller beauties that lie in the city. We encourage everyone to take a moment to stop, and smell the roses...literally!