4 Tips on Creating a Dramatic Entranceway from an Event Designer

4 Tips on Creating a Dramatic Entranceway from an Event Designer

You only have one opportunity to make a first impression. This especially rings true when it comes to planning the perfect event. Every detail, no matter how small, will influence perceptions from the start. There’s no better way to introduce the tone, style and theme of your event than to create a dramatic entranceway.

Whether you focus on size, color or height, every memorable gathering must feature a floral statement piece in the entrance of a venue. It’s important to set the mood as guests enter your space so they have an idea of how the event will unfold. Florals, plants and other natural elements are the ultimate tools needed to create the perfect entranceway.

With years of experience in the event world, event designer and owner of B Floral, Bronwen Smith, has the knowledge you need to make the entrance of your event one-of-a-kind. Check out her 4 tips on how to elevate your space below!

Installation Transformation


A grand installation filled with florals is a go-to option for creating an eye-catching entranceway. Installations can take on many forms such as floral step and repeats, archways, floral letters, hanging elements and more.

Deciding on which installation to create for your entranceway is dependent on the theme of your event and the feeling you want to evoke as guests approach and enter your venue. For example, if your brand is celebrating their 10th anniversary, placing giant floral numbers in the entranceway will make a statement while staying true to the purpose of the event.

It’s also impactful to make your installation all-encompassing or interactive. An arched pathway created with branches and florals will allow guests to enter the venue as if they’re being transported into a whole new environment, totally immersing themselves into the story you're about to tell. Also, incorporating technology such as registration tablets into your floral installation will turn a basic entranceway into an interactive and purposeful area.


Play Around With Height


The ultimate dramatic entranceway arrangement doesn’t solely focus on volume, but on height. There are multiple ways to manipulate height to create an extravagant floral creation.

One option is to simply add large leaves or branches throughout the arrangement. Palm and banana leaves are perfect for summer events whereas pine and birch branches are ideal for winter gatherings.

Another route to consider is to incorporate elevated surfaces into the mix. Pedestals are excellent accents that can double as bases for statement arrangements if you want to increase the height of the piece. Include pedestals that coincide with the chosen vases and the overall feel of your event for a cohesive finish. Throughout the entranceway, play around with the heights and sizes of the pedestals to achieve a staggered look.


Outdoor Placement


The location of floral arrangements will make a difference as you create a dramatic entranceway. Placing arrangements or installations in front of your venue is an easy way to add color to the entrance while also welcoming guests.

Depending on the season and weather conditions, the addition of outdoor statement arrangements will not only signal guests to the entrance, but will introduce the theme and color scheme of your event. If you decide to create outdoor pieces, size and volume are crucial in making an impact. Choose a variety of flowers, leaves or branches and layer to create depth and texture.


Keep it Simple... but Chic


An entranceway can be simplistic while also making a strong first impression. Take into consideration the purpose of the space and decide if an elaborate entrance fits. If not, there are multiple ways to make an impact with less.

To create an intimate yet subdued ambiance in your entranceway, combine greenery, florals and candles. Start by lining the edge of a hallway with greenery and move to placing an assortment of florals throughout to create a natural feel. Finish up by placing candles of varying shapes and sizes within the greenery to introduce an abundance of light into your space.

Kick off your event with a welcoming entranceway. It may often be overlooked, but a well designed entrance to your venue can set the tone of the entire affair. Once you decide on the floral details and themes found throughout the interior of your space, focus on bringing the connection between the outside world and your event to life. No detail should be overlooked as you design a memorable entranceway for your next event!