Making A Statement With Floral Artistry

Making A Statement With Floral Artistry

Florals are often the 'show-stoppers' of many events. They can help incorporate a theme throughout a simple space and wow your guests from the minute they catch a glance of them. Creating a statement with florals can be done in many ways. The colors and type of florals can instantly distinguish the type of feel you want for your event. Installations can be hanging from the ceiling or simply large statement pieces that demand attention.


Floral artistry can be used to make a space very modern or transform it to a rustic state. Elevating your space with the addition of florals can be done in many extravagant ways.  For example, you can render a recreation of a certain scene or build a particular life size object.  Flowers can be used to transform everyday objects into one of a kind statement pieces. When creating these big statement installations you can incorporate multiple pieces to make a scene. Give your next event a theme to incorporate something 'extra'. Themed events bring additional fun to the party and give the guests something to look forward to.


Hanging installations are a popular trend right now in the world of florals. You can create these unique hanging installations in many different ways - from super simple strands of flowers to large intricate pieces. These installations can be placed anywhere and are sure to impress your guests with their unique design. Hang them over the dance floor or right at the entrance of the room and they are sure to make an instant statement.


Small details go a long way in floral artistry. By simply adding greenery and simple white florals can elevate your space and make a huge impact. Bud vases are another way to add design to the room. Bud vases are small and usually only hold a few florals but gathering them together in clusters can create a nice ambiance in the room. Mixing in votives with your clusters of bud vases gives a light touch to the room and changes the ambiance for the guests attending.

Floral walls bring your space to a new level in multiple ways. They can serve as the top photo moment in the room and promote your brand/company for the whole event to see. The details can range from minimal to full with blooms. There are very few florals that you can’t incorporate into a floral wall. From small roses and orchids to ornate succulents you can have many varieties of flowers that complement any event. These installations are used for major events and even small intimate dinners and will have the wow-factor effect on all audiences. 


Floral artistry is a great way to elevate your space in a personalized manner.  The creativity in the flowers can speak to many design aspects when you incorporate them into your event. Between large installations and intricate floral walls, the design in the art can tell so much about a specific setting. Keep your florals bold and let their artistry make a statement.