A Whole Window of Opportunity
Callie BowenComment

A Whole Window of Opportunity

Every month, B Floral has the privilege of adorning the windows of City of Saints Coffee Roasters at their 42nd Street location with eye-catching decor and installations. We get to showcase our abilities while having fun with trendy, seasonal-specific elements.

Our install for December was no exception to this! This particular installation required copious amounts of hardworking hours and grand attention to detail.

The lead designers of this project, Dominique and Shelby, gave us an inside look at how they achieved the process from start to finish.

They wanted to create a design that would focus on a wintery scene and have elements that would illuminate that scene throughout day and night: a shadow box window design.

Brainstorming this concept came naturally to Dominique and Shelby. Dominique explained that they wanted to use acrylic cutouts “to create one large wintery window scene with touches of seasonal branches and foliage that would appear between each acrylic sheet adding depth and detail. We would also include hidden lighting that could be turned on and off. The overall look would be chic and monochromatic. We imagined a lot of rolling hill shapes at various heights. We wanted tree elements throughout all of the windows. We wanted blue acrylic as that color would ‘pop’ during the day and could be beautifully reflected at night with the right type of light.”

To bring this idea to life, the team started by making mock-ups and renderings of the designs in order to create the shapes they were going to use in the window.

Eventually, it was decided that the larger tree elements and the frosted vinyl paneling of the mock up were too big and distracting from what’s actually happening inside of this caffeinated paradise! We also wanted to focus more on the branding of the company, so we decided to add two white frosty logos to the main doors of the coffee shop. Before they could send off the renderings to the shop to be made, they had to get some measurements! Dominique used a regular tape measure for areas she could reach. These are large windows though, so she had to bring out the electric tape measure for most of the work!

Once the designs were made, and the rest of the materials were ordered, it was time to get cracking!

Overall, this was about a two day install. We brought in most of the materials on the first night, tested everything out, and then had the time to make some last minute adjustments that we found were needed! We were also able to add some elements that we thought would enhance the design even more. In the world of events, you never know what last minute additions or subtractions may have the capability to take your design to the next level.

By the end of the second day, all of the materials fit perfectly into the window, and the whole vision was finally brought together! It’s a grand window display, and it’s up now. Go check it out for yourself, and let us know what you think!