5 2018 Event Trends That Aren't Going Anywhere

5 2018 Event Trends That Aren't Going Anywhere


As 2018 draws to a close, our team has started to reflect on events from the past year and brainstorm event trends for the year ahead. It’s essential to offer the latest design ideas for clients, so brands trust that we’re a leader in a constantly evolving industry. Each year certain event trends come and go, but there are a few trends from 2018 that are here to stay.

Continue on for 5 event trends that will still be popular in 2019!

Balloon Installations


Balloon installations became extremely popular event elements this year. Arches, freestanding structures and life-sized creations using balloons were seen at a variety of events ranging from product launches to weddings. Since it’s so easy to play around with color, shape and size, each installation can be customized to fit the theme and scale of an event. Balloon installations ultimately make a huge statement and are perfect as photo moments.



Nothing will grab guests’ attention more than an interactive photo moment. Swings have popped up at events all year long, due in part to their “Instagrammable“ appeal. Turn a basic swing into a focal point of a space by incorporating flowers, greenery and other unique elements to take it to the next level. Brands have customized swing installations by adding logos or hashtags to spread brand awareness as guests post photos of the swing.


Tropical Flower Walls

Transport guests to the tropics by featuring a tropical flower wall at an upcoming event. This trend was seen throughout 2018 and will certainly remain a staple because it creates a unique environment for guests to take and share photos. Many brands who unveiled tropical themed products or hosted summer gatherings included flower walls comprised of palm leaves, exotic flowers and fruit to evoke the vibe of the event.


Immersive Experiences

Throughout the year, brands began to focus on creating experiences where guests were completely immersed and engaged in heavily stylized environments. Once a theme is chosen, event designers have the task of creating key elements such as installations and activations to envelop guests within the experience. For example, creating a disco room photo moment for a 70s themed event to express the theme interactively. With so much social engagement coming along with immersive events, there’s no stopping this trend anytime soon.


Branded Carts

Consumer brands often engage in field marketing, and a popular way to display products in a potentially chaotic and crowded environment is with a branded cart. A cart is effective not only because it’s easily portable, but provides great exposure at multiple events, making it a cost efficient tool. Elevated carts adorned with flowers, greenery and décor will turn a cart into a photo moment, enticing guests to snap pictures and post on social media. Look for branded carts at conventions and areas with heavy foot traffic across the country in 2019.

Some trends don’t quickly go out of style and this is true within the events industry, even though event creatives are always looking for the next big thing to deliver to clients. In 2018, there were many trends that we’re excited to see go, but certain trends such as balloon installations and immersive events made such an impact amongst clients and guests that they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Our team is looking forward to seeing trends both old and new in 2019!