Behind the Scenes: B Floral's Circus Soirée

Behind the Scenes: B Floral's Circus Soirée


Strive to create an immersive experience, not an event. At B Floral, we work with each client to transform his or her vision, no matter the size or type of event. This philosophy also holds true for all internal events our team at B Floral throws. In August 2018, we hosted a media event paying homage to the quintessential circus experience. Our elevated and contemporary circus-themed event took place on the patio of Southampton Social Club. Guests included editors from a variety of publications as well as top NYC influencers and bloggers.

Continue on for a behind the scenes look at our transformative event. Welcome to B Floral’s Circus Soirée!


After a detailed walkthrough of the venue, our design team got to work brainstorming not only unique installations, but small details that would truly bring the circus theme to life. We wanted to make a statement as guests entered the space, so we created an archway with a red curtain façade and playful lights to stand as the entranceway. Existing cabanas at the venue were fitted with red and white striped curtains to evoke a circus tent feel.


Installations were key elements of our event. As an event design and production company, we wanted to highlight our capabilities to guests in attendance. One installation in particular was a hit with attendees and became a perfect photo moment. We created an elephant using moss and bright blooms, who we named Marco. Playful, circus inspired elements such as this were essential in transforming the space to fit the theme.


One of our favorite elements we include in most B Floral events is a GIF and photo booth from The Bosco. Guests enjoy taking snaps at our events and posting the images across various social platforms. At our Circus Soirée, we created a whimsical backdrop for the photo booth using patterned paper pinwheels in a mix of reds, blacks, golds and creams. The backdrop provided a canvas to bring the circus theme into each shot.


Although event production is our main focus, we also create customized floral jewelry and accessories using real flowers. At the event, we featured a table full of pieces such as cuffs, necklaces, earrings, rings and bow ties. Guests chose their favorite accessory and wore it for the evening. We created pieces in darker tones such as burgundy and purple to tie into the circus theme.


At the start of the planning process, we set out to highlight our production capabilities and transport guests into a sophisticated circus environment. Through the use of vivid color, installations and intricate details, we were proud to create an elevated themed event. Check out additional photos and a video highlighting the event below! ✨


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