Men's Floral Fashions: Bow Ties for Summer

Men's Floral Fashions: Bow Ties for Summer

Summer events are just around the corner and it’s time to prep for not only event logistics, but your summer party looks! Each year it’s always exciting to show off a new seasonal outfit and pair with the perfect summer accessories. B Floral has a fresh floral accessory line with pieces for both women and men to elevate their outfits. As much as we focus on women’s style, we can’t forget the men in our lives. Whether attending corporate events or private dinner parties, a bow tie is a classic accessory that any man can incorporate into his summer looks.

Read on to learn how B Floral takes a bow tie to the next level and how to style bow ties into any summer outfit!


If you’re looking to sport a bow tie this summer, it’s important to stay away from a traditional style. A bow tie with a unique design will not only improve an outfit but can become a talking point in conversations throughout an event. To put a spin on this accessory, B Floral adds fresh florals, succulents and greenery to a plain or patterned bow tie base. Each piece is customizable— color, texture and overall design is completely up to your tastes and components of your outfit. Looking for tips on how to incorporate a floral bow tie into looks for both corporate and casual events? Check out our tips below! 

  • Focus on mixing patterns. Don't be afraid to combine patterns while pairing a floral bow tie with a dress shirt. A floral bow tie may be composed of a variety of colors and textures, but it can pair perfectly with a bold pattern without looking busy.

  • Stick to bold hues. Before the warm summer days pass us by, take advantage of bright summer colors. If you choose a greenery bow tie, pair it with a bright color such as pink or yellow for contrast and a pop of color.

  • Keep the type of event in mind. A corporate event may require a subdued, professional look, so a simple floral bow tie such as a design consisted of a monochromatic color scheme would be appropriate and stylish. However, if you're attending a private party, combining a unique patterned dress shirt and colorful bow tie will create the perfect summer look.

If you're looking for the perfect dress shirt to pair with your bow tie, we love the wide array of stylish options from Bonobos. The variety of textures and colors will leave you with an endless amount of options for your summer style. Click on each look below for outfit inspiration!


Stand out at an upcoming summer event with the ultimate men's accessory: the floral bow tie. Once you have an outfit in mind, you can play around with color and texture using the freshest of florals and succulents. No matter if you're at an event for work or play, this out-of-the-box take on a classic accessory will surely impress. Ring in summer with a floral bow tie at your first event of the season!